The Me Of Me

“The unnormal me sprang from virtue-disobedience treacherous-kindness and the heart-heartlessness of isolation The unnamed me was born before me aborted-reborn when I had seen freedom in the ecstasy of peaceful turmoil The real me is in a glass The glass reflects reflects iridescently But secretly smiles at my curiosity”

The Dance Of Discordance

“The memoirs are fleeting hushed are the wings of wind her feathers plucked and eaten by sun scorched to be made pickle-thick. The mirrors are more liquid clashed against them are ice-rocks faded are the oxygenated melodies} Of one ripe life between the next The deserts all became wet sand muddles became jostled skin ponderedContinue reading “The Dance Of Discordance”

The Narrative Of The Lotus

“The Lotus sprang beneath the mouth; its tail forgotten in the air The Lotus screamed in tyranny its beauty, its face smouldered by mud. The Lotus attempts to break the hymen of repression controlled by the frigidity of delay The Lotus emerges in bathed-blood-birth: Until its tears shine to create the day. The Lotus wentContinue reading “The Narrative Of The Lotus”

Modern Day Fairytales (My ENG 301: Research Methodology, Term Paper)

Modern Day Fairytales The art of storytelling is a phenomenon ancient as time itself. Beginning with the oral traditions since the dawn of civilization and evolving and manifesting itself in the written word, which has become its most prominent medium in the present; the modern novel is a fusion of different styles and different eras.Continue reading “Modern Day Fairytales (My ENG 301: Research Methodology, Term Paper)”

Colonial books: “Oroonoko” by Aphra Behn and “Robinson Crusoe” By Daniel Defoe: The comparative study on colonialism (My ENG 214: Survey Of English Literature II, semester assignment)

Colonization is a familiar word in modern times though its actual bulk lies in the past. Many cultures and traditions that are present today have many ties to this past. Many modern day novels now portray colonization in its actuality – harsh domination over the natural race of a particular land. However, it is importantContinue reading “Colonial books: “Oroonoko” by Aphra Behn and “Robinson Crusoe” By Daniel Defoe: The comparative study on colonialism (My ENG 214: Survey Of English Literature II, semester assignment)”

The Modern Woman (My ENG 355: American Literature End of Semester Assignment)

The Modern Woman   What is a woman? What are the differences between a man and woman? To be frankly put, the latter question will have a myriad of answers but the former would need time to define. In actuality, both questions are universal Pandora’s boxes able to generate both positive and negative answers. ToContinue reading “The Modern Woman (My ENG 355: American Literature End of Semester Assignment)”

Beauty Sleeping (the distorted fairytale)

His name was Beauty and he was a damsel in distress. The most ostentatious feature was the manicured nails; the hair was slightly bleached, yellow sunspots along linear figurations; white skin with lips glossed bubblegum pink. He looked beautiful enough and he was insomnia incarnate. The girls in the class admired him and the boys,Continue reading “Beauty Sleeping (the distorted fairytale)”

Diadem Of Cruelties (the distorted folklore)

” And there the witches glare their eyes of hardened watery sin There the witches sew bodies of hair and bone There were witches, only one was ‘she’ The ‘he’s were all quiet The ‘he’s decided to claim the ‘she’ Then the ‘she’ gave another ‘she’ bone and hair To become earth from air TheContinue reading “Diadem Of Cruelties (the distorted folklore)”

The little thing

” The Little thing was a rarity a complex simplicity a morbid freedom in hushed symphonies This little thing is quietly noisy for her silence vehemently shouts her noise quells the rain storm and sun, all in all, wholeness But Little thing are you not made of man A baby of ruse and whisper OfContinue reading “The little thing”

In the Line Of Equilibrium

” In the citadel of planetary sins you wore the plethora of virtues clutched between Venus and Mars You were popular symmetry yet assymetrical Poised as you stood in the moonbeam way governed by the exodus of begininng hypnotized by the quarreling stars Raging quietly as thunder in a box. You said ‘No’ ‘No’ toContinue reading “In the Line Of Equilibrium”