ENG 440 Final Term Paper

Efficiency on Hiatus “ In the news they were telling how the electricity would stay during the exams. It went away for thirty minutes during one of my examinations; I was lucky to be sitting near a window during the exam but many people were obviously uncomfortable.”  Ms Salma Akhtar, an HSC student, talks aboutContinue reading “ENG 440 Final Term Paper”

Gig Draft

I am an artist. Who would believe this? I don’t think anyone would. That is because I can’t paint. I can’t sketch. I can’t draw period. I can dream. I can write a bit. I can talk. Now you will definitely be justified to question: “How are these aspects pertaining to an artist?” I guessContinue reading “Gig Draft”

Reasonable Unreason

Talking logic bypassing logic into webs devouring Caught in perplex complex xylem shooted inverse your sense of dictatorship right in wrong definitions powered by absolute foool why why art so humbly-vain? simplicity was not cut complexity not nurtured all became paramount prejudice you talk logically In a madness  sans method an altar of idiotims

Mind Your Tongue

Mind your lessons tutor that tongue languages of sex and rapture collide with mathmatics and cosmology satiate the samples satiate the seeds orchards of oviaries begotten of raw apples life is but a mating system life is but mated paradox mind your tongue do not let it bite off with that toxic sense of adrenalin

Regretful kiss

This tongue tastes raw sulphurous saliva excited by tedium and boredom Hands etched in marionette speaking Hands etched in crashing languages of redundancies Inert is passion Elope not with activity digression is but divine a fool slicing off the true tongue beasts of indolence ravage the flesh energetic


The philosophy of yearning call me bleeding teeth tongue in bottled-love a wasp-birthing in the blood Blood is a cataract vodoo behaving adolescent=wild adult hungry and infant shy coy as portals of placenta of bleached wombs of combined homours sexes in musical chairs tap closer kisses cold-hot tingle this thing on my face that gleamsContinue reading “Tap”