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Books, books...
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I cannot state my life is interesting. I do not know if it possesses anything of any interest.

When I look at the Freshly Pressed Page of this site I do get amazed. Great lives are being led and MASHALLAH (A Prayer To God For Increase of Such Things, Promotion) I do get amazed at their diversity.

However, I do not live such a life in the same manner.

True, Thanks To Allah Almighty, I have a great life in the sense of  Great Parents, privelages, food, shelter and clothing.

Well, what more could you want? —– Someone might ask with a stare of question, bewilderment or even anger and irritation.

The issue is not directed towards that.

I noticed many people update their blogs frequently.

Whether it is a trip – a walk down memory lane or a new place – cooking recipes – to grand dishes to normal food – to sorting things out – fights, quarrels, long lists to do – or just lazing about –

People do update their blogs.

I, on the other hand, don’t do that much.

I guess because I think my life is a routine.

Its variances are quite small

At times I can relate to a book on a shelf…

…Waiting For Diversity to Read me…



I was a better mom before I had kids. (via 4 Mothers)

A Great Perspective ^_^

I was a better mom before I had kids. Before I had children I was a great mom. When my husband and I decided that we were going to start a family I was confident that I would be a “great mom”.  I naively felt that I had the credentials to back up my bold assumption.  After all I hold a university degree that includes many courses in child development and psychology and after graduating from my undergrad, I went on and completed my teaching degree with emphasis on grades kindergarten … Read More

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Some Kisses To Your Hand

Ocean Colors
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I can bath you in lust
I can epitomize you
in my hands
Earth And Blood
water in between

crying out
crying out
crying out

for some wisdom

is my hand not good enough

not rusted

not demure

I am the boy
or you are the girl

kissing is simple

when you don’t mean it

Losing is never believing

neither is over exceeding…


Brewed Bones

A skeleton key.
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Clipped hemispheres
a mouth groans
grown to devour

inhibit lust
inhibit all
and mesh with sheets of grey, white and black

a poltergeist of silence
world overturned by reverse Eros

a tongue too thick
words need better roads

coagulated were passions

tastes salted raw

No more pining death

The skeleton desires organs and flesh…


Lets share Hugs! (via Zaaviya)

Well Ramadan 2010 is over. It was nice and though I had a good time and also got sick it was memorable as well.

Allah Almighty Bless Us As We Celebrate Eid ^_^

Lets share Hugs! I was fortunate enough that I got a complete month off to enjoy compulsory fasting at home, (And its making me mad that I have to re-join work by coming Monday). Although every year it irritates me to adopt a new schedule of eating/drinking, avoiding irrelevant stuff and following regularity of prayers but every time, its emotional to say goodbye to Ramadan. Ramadan is ending again, after a month of abstinence, control and spiritual training now … Read More

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Five reasons why astronomy is cool (via Sunny spells and scattered showers)

Astronomy, By Allah Almighty – Is One Of My Favourite things.

MASHALLAH Allah Almighty has created a grand universe and as Islamic events are associated with the Lunar Calender I think the wide expanse of planets, stars and satellites were meant to be explored ^_^

Whether you are religious or secular you must admit that night’s theater holds a grand stage ^_^

Five reasons why astronomy is cool It's beautiful If you go out on a dark moonless night, you will immediately know what I mean. The Milky Way, stretching its jagged course across the heavens, is quite a sight to behold. The constellations, particularly the winter constellations, have an elegance and familiarity to them. The Moon is also an appealing object, with its ever changing phases and frequent conjunctions with other planets in the sky. Through a small telescope, planetary … Read More

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