I was a better mom before I had kids. (via 4 Mothers)

A Great Perspective ^_^ Before I had children I was a great mom. When my husband and I decided that we were going to start a family I was confident that I would be a “great mom”.  I naively felt that I had the credentials to back up my bold assumption.  After all I holdContinue reading “I was a better mom before I had kids. (via 4 Mothers)”

Brewed Bones

Clipped hemispheres a mouth groans grown to devour entropy inhibit lust inhibit all and mesh with sheets of grey, white and black logically a poltergeist of silence world overturned by reverse Eros a tongue too thick words need better roads coagulated were passions tastes salted raw No more pining death The skeleton desires organs and flesh…

Five reasons why astronomy is cool (via Sunny spells and scattered showers)

Astronomy, By Allah Almighty – Is One Of My Favourite things. MASHALLAH Allah Almighty has created a grand universe and as Islamic events are associated with the Lunar Calender I think the wide expanse of planets, stars and satellites were meant to be explored ^_^ Whether you are religious or secular you must admit thatContinue reading “Five reasons why astronomy is cool (via Sunny spells and scattered showers)”

Feathers That Knew Yesterday

Ink has painted a masquerade or ornamental or freckles dimples obscure thy body waxes and wanes with every sculpture do you bleed in black? Or white blood meshed into spine? Do you crave white? No, black is but a standard connoisseur? These variations, contrasts and paradoxes are but upon you as you lay naked orContinue reading “Feathers That Knew Yesterday”

Crying Is But There…

Carrions carry blood tears For faith and fate are but new constellations heated melodies are never lost past lives reincarnate in bones The pitcher there is honeyed jar licks like lies on the mouth’s side an incorrigible paramour lust aboded boarded in beds and sighs Prickled sweat meets the brow-boat skin knows of saltwater oceanicContinue reading “Crying Is But There…”

The Morning Walks with Golden Feet

The morning walks her feet golden painted they say or is it sandals of some golden thing? The morning walks he peacefully strolls with lullabies in mouths are they too made of gold? The morning walks ether is red crazed blue and sheets gray The morning walks disease borne puffy cheeks and sterile shores TheContinue reading “The Morning Walks with Golden Feet”