Check Your Candy – 6 Companies Issue Halloween Candy Recalls (via PureBebe)

Be Careful And Cautious Six Companies (Nestlé®, Hershey, Colombina, Anhing Corp., Cocon Food Industries and Chula Vista Candy Companies) have issued recalls on Halloween candy for a variety of reasons ranging from the discovery of peanuts to high levels of lead found in the candies. Nestlé® – RAISINETS® (Made in U.S.A.) Nestlé® has issued aContinue reading “Check Your Candy – 6 Companies Issue Halloween Candy Recalls (via PureBebe)”

Is your culture killing you? (via My Body Is My Hobby)

I recollect seeing Once In Discovery’s “Travel and Living” on a Southerner of USA commenting that fried foods are a culture in their area. My expressions were mixed. Though I admired some of my cuisines that statement made me ponder is it always truly worth it? I mean are fried foods relevant enough to beContinue reading “Is your culture killing you? (via My Body Is My Hobby)”

The Universe And Me

  You can’t revolve in the carnival of the universe with no voice to call your own breathe it by your words your air supply is your intuition maddened by fabrication devastatingly pungent hope you are corroded by waste for you have detached all you attached very lively you can encapsulate terror wade into boughsContinue reading “The Universe And Me”

You Knew Better

  That’s what occurs when you think you knew better that blasted ego furnace that crumples all and eats too well ate too much good advise Why is it that you think you knew better as the first equation solved drastically changed you you always spin around create worm holes then just try to smileContinue reading “You Knew Better”


You can tell the stars to undress and become new worlds you can actively shun them until they construct your own constellations isn’t it convincing? you play blame games always you think you are born smart a genius to behold beauty lies on more than a beholder’s eye chances are you escaped my telescope figuringContinue reading “Convincing”

Next To Plausible

Listen Mr. Universe where is your Mrs. Oh wait you are hermaphrodactyl you insist on being addressed as a singular identity guess what not happening with me I leave you I lust you can I hope to devour your star-encyclopedia your planetary curiosity is making me linger hoping to see the meoisis of sub-universes NestContinue reading “Next To Plausible”

Breaking A Door

You can’t transport love as you do sex heart is aching more might as well reset damn those philosophies Of first site first bite lips locking artifice core is hard blending is easy maliciousness is easier than envy love is confessional anxiety or maybe that’s me disintegrating trust why do I pry free? when theContinue reading “Breaking A Door”


    Your bricks laid down wood-bones heavy sea-lips parting to kiss paradise you house all flesh and soul into tiny corners illuminating four simple walls blemished human with flawed circuits in the engine traveling along an ether suspended travelling free of cost and costly tales into the mud that brings heaven and hell howContinue reading “Home”

Across Sails

    Symbolize your satire help it make you powers to your words that alludes to those waves whose foams acidic wreck the harbour burn the ships toss the sails let it all go to hell symbolism is your satire a driving cushion upon the rocks like needles are but easy weavers the tongue knitsContinue reading “Across Sails”


    In an inclined world who’s the questioner and questionnaire? fragments of bone grounded on ink inducing fat to be fed all marvelously the piston blows and all wheels turn flammable curiosity is a mistress and master of circuitries unbound you live a little breathe over thousand undersea under-me underneath under the sheath under blowsContinue reading “Wayfaring”