Check Your Candy – 6 Companies Issue Halloween Candy Recalls (via PureBebe)

Be Careful And Cautious

Check Your Candy - 6 Companies Issue Halloween Candy Recalls Six Companies (Nestlé®, Hershey, Colombina, Anhing Corp., Cocon Food Industries and Chula Vista Candy Companies) have issued recalls on Halloween candy for a variety of reasons ranging from the discovery of peanuts to high levels of lead found in the candies. Nestlé® – RAISINETS® (Made in U.S.A.) Nestlé® has issued a voluntary recall of its N … Read More

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Is your culture killing you? (via My Body Is My Hobby)

I recollect seeing Once In Discovery’s “Travel and Living” on a Southerner of USA commenting that fried foods are a culture in their area.

My expressions were mixed.

Though I admired some of my cuisines that statement made me ponder is it always truly worth it?

I mean are fried foods relevant enough to be a culture?

Well, this blogger understands that the world of fast foods is not HEALTHY as a MAXIMUM.

That is why I added this blogger’s EXCELLENT POST ^_^

Is your culture killing you? Defining culture: “The customs, arts, social institutions and achievements of a particular nation, people or other social group.” Also defined as “The attitudes and behaviors characteristic of a particular social group.” As the years pass, the more I adopt healthy habits and the less I blend in with the norm. No more late night runs for a Crispy Chicken at Mickey D’s, no ice cap and apple fritter or chocolate glazed donut at Tim Horton’s, no PC’s … Read More

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The Universe And Me

blurry wings and sky
Image by cskk via Flickr


You can’t revolve in the carnival of the universe
with no voice to call your own
breathe it by your words
your air supply is your intuition

maddened by fabrication
devastatingly pungent
hope you are corroded by waste
for you have detached
all you attached
very lively

you can encapsulate terror
wade into boughs
of disaster
mentored venom

is it worth it?

I stranded on crash collision
and all you say
“sorry, that I lied.”
” sorry, that I cheated.”

makes me wanna drive my apocalypse onto you
scream out the voice that makes the universe

build my own galaxy
from my freed star-wings!

You Knew Better

An en-route wormhole visual effect, from late ...
Image via Wikipedia


That’s what occurs
when you think you knew better
that blasted ego furnace
that crumples all
and eats too well
ate too much
good advise

Why is it that
you think you knew better
as the first equation solved
drastically changed you
you always spin around

create worm holes
then just
try to

your mercury
has burned my fingers
made me curse

you never knew better
or probably you did
just don’t try to
accept that you are
at times

better is how better does
learn from stars
who leave white cookie crumbs
that don’t get eaten


Astronomy Amateur t
Image via Wikipedia

You can tell the stars to undress
and become new worlds
you can actively shun them
until they construct your own constellations

isn’t it convincing?
you play blame games always
you think you are born smart
a genius to behold
beauty lies on more than a beholder’s eye
chances are you escaped my telescope

figuring it out
equation wise
is standard error
figuring out a soul
is another galaxy
to minutely map
all I can say is that

you are not convincing

you are just an oddity
wandering around space

Next To Plausible

Pelican Nebula (Narrowband)
Image by DJMcCrady via Flickr

Listen Mr. Universe
where is your Mrs.
Oh wait you are hermaphrodactyl

you insist on being addressed as a singular identity
guess what
not happening with me

I leave you
I lust you
can I hope to devour
your star-encyclopedia

your planetary curiosity
is making me linger
hoping to see the meoisis
of sub-universes

Nest with me
Next to me
Mrs. Universe

Gleam on me
I’m here
on a rock in milk
dripping velvety with a wise satellite

Breaking A Door

Agfa Box BW 1
Image via Wikipedia

You can’t transport love
as you do sex
heart is aching more
might as well reset

damn those philosophies
Of first site
first bite
lips locking artifice

core is hard
blending is easy
maliciousness is easier than envy

love is confessional anxiety
or maybe that’s me
disintegrating trust

why do I pry free?
when the madness is myself?

in a garden of blending-in
how can someone spot a true chameleon
hard to say when a door is broken
hard to think of trust

when we are all our own pandora’s box

minusing those hands




climbing wall ont the House of the sea, one of...
Image via Wikipedia


Your bricks laid down
wood-bones heavy
sea-lips parting to kiss paradise

you house all
flesh and soul
into tiny corners
illuminating four simple walls

blemished human
with flawed circuits in the engine
traveling along an ether suspended

travelling free of cost
and costly tales
into the mud
that brings heaven and hell

how can a home be?
if all destiny
leads to death?
how can a home be
if all destiny
Lies on erring palmistry?

homes are meant to shelter
your organgs
home is soul
when the ribbed cage
when the fortress of bone
decides to migrate

homes will change

Across Sails


Ship Portrait - "USS Texas" at San J...
Image by OneEighteen via Flickr


Symbolize your satire
help it make you
powers to your words
that alludes to those waves
whose foams acidic
wreck the harbour

burn the ships
toss the sails
let it all go to hell

symbolism is your satire
a driving cushion upon the rocks

like needles are but easy weavers
the tongue knits more wool
than fingers
with endless fibers
to be replaced

sails and sailing
on that cloud you honed your own



train station
Image by nolifebeforecoffee via Flickr


In an inclined world
who’s the questioner and questionnaire?
fragments of bone
grounded on ink
inducing fat to be fed
all marvelously

the piston blows and all wheels turn
flammable curiosity is a mistress and master
of circuitries unbound

you live a little
breathe over thousand
under the sheath
under blows
under probe

microscopic blades
surgeries token affectionate

a tough kind of blood

life is a chemical that even the universe could not swallow whole…