Constellation Cygnus*
Image by garlandcannon via Flickr


You’re spinning like a web
and the oceans caught up
ballerina with feet so clumsy
you think you misread

but you know better
when the stars are shining
you know better
when the clouds are howling

wind and rage can find you peace
wind and rage can you find you peace

you are seldomly hopeless
though you are ordinarily versed
you climbed up the moon
with the sun’s hair as ladder

keep on moving
wash and bathe with the ocean
keep on moving
if your heart stops
the world stops
because no one knows you
you are rich in eyes
you are sunshine and moonlight in a ting bottle of flesh
keep on dancing

And when the stars dance with feet so highly advanced
can primitive man hope to catch up?
and when the moon swiftly changes gears
can motor cars understand?

You Helen you can
you are the man who can
Woman dance with those stars
and race along with the moon
on some other constellation

Do you believe?
never scar


Let them say
what they wanna say

Words fade as sand
Only Wisdom graduates to stone
and fate can take all shapes and form

maybe one day when you are a shooting star on a far away map
I’ll learn to dance with the stars as well

Helen be strong
Helen be strong…

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