Your Luck From the Bullet Cage

  Count One, Count Two Open fire at Ten Large blanket burden of destiny Fire rounds Dispense Loads of Symmetry Catching the fate between the strings Of a Spider-web charged desire Locked into the ether Locked into the soil You whisper your intentions actively passively on the fore hope is the action that spills itselfContinue reading “Your Luck From the Bullet Cage”

Of Those Merits

  You are but thinking of Eden and Earth is a faraway dream yet your callouses of love inhibit your imagination your imagining so sweet child-like yet not child mature not accountable fairytale is a reminiscent mythology that power can taste the lips and make it bleed onto the rose Dance one, step, two makes castles withContinue reading “Of Those Merits”

Classification Uncertain

    Pressing me between the sharp clipped world of your finger nails insecticide in your passion insecticide — you classify me as your entomological marvel you bottled up figment your world is a parasite a nucleus of grief a tangled writhing of segmented bodies shooting off to empty space like liquor in your salivaContinue reading “Classification Uncertain”

These Shells We Belong In

  Your hard lined mouth pressed across a hot blooded slot of my viscous blood meshed into tiny pieces of being lusted by freedom and power you rightfully ripe born underneath sun-crossed-moon sky these fossils in our eyes that some snail left behind eggs that hatched with butterfly passion hold your arms in the shape that circulatesContinue reading “These Shells We Belong In”

EID MUBARAK — Eid-Ul-Azha Allah Almighty Bless All Who Did Hajj

  Allah Almighty Bless All Those Who Did Hajj And Eid Mubarak to everyone! I had a fever so this was the first Eid where I slept all day uptil 5pm 😛 ^_^ But Let’s rejoice My Muslim Brothers And Sisters ^_^ Sisters And Brothers Let Allah Almighty Bless All Of Us ^_^

Caught In Bubbles

  You are sprinkling dust foaming up your deceit you tame your wild cards yet ruin the chess pieces time then clockwise-anti-clockwise twisting the grounds of reason logic is your food and Lamia is your bitch with Cupid as your whore you throw serpents from your bow you dislodged  bastard of impious desires and claimed innocentContinue reading “Caught In Bubbles”


  Courage I contest I won’t be a weakling pure strength is not muscle bonded not entirely and I know I have sometimes failed because I am human but courage I can’t be powerless you prefer me armoured I prefer myself too to wear the sword and shield for heaven is not always here andContinue reading “Befriended”

Soliloquy For A Solitary Star

  I am an archer spinning pass continents of black spun bodies and iridescent fabrics oil canvassed from paints that are born from the colour-pot milk I am sanctuary I grow I believe faith in this wide frontier explored and untamed meteorites metamorphising and satellites that dance with planetary homes I am light I amContinue reading “Soliloquy For A Solitary Star”


  National Novel Writing Month — or better known as NaNoWriMo — should be renamed GloNoWriMo for — it has gone global to many scales! Everyone seems to be involved via the internet and some even find it stupid — either way it has become a phenomenon of globalization to many extents. The medium/profession ofContinue reading “NaNoMACHINES”

Your Words Are Tyranny

Your mouth is exactly an express a dictionary to untold dimensions you speak easy you seduce lyrically with the bounties of your vocabulary you triumph femme fatale-casanova sprung bathed in oestrogen-testosterone fuel clinging to that ecstatic rolls of a pathway untrodden forests of vast foliage-tongue and stars that can imprint freckles upon your skin as they plant so as frecklesContinue reading “Your Words Are Tyranny”