Nolan Teases Answers to Inception Questions (via Chris Petersen’s Film Blog)

“Inception” itself is like most postmodernist texts that question reality and the natures of absolutes and illusions.

The truth is I feel this story has elements to it similar to the animes “Ghost In The Shell” and “Revolutionary Girl Utena” where the whole nature of reality is on flux and in the latter show so unpredictable that we think the dimensions are all cracked and intermeshing with each other.

Obviously what could be reality to the protagonist may never have been reality at all and in many ways he does not care for it in the least – because just as the spinning top in the end will spin on any surface it is allowed to spin on he feels he can keep on existing on any reality he is allowed to exist in/on…

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Nolan Teases Answers to Inception Questions This past summer, Inception spawned many discussions, usually when the people having  them could have been doing something more productive, about what exactly happened at the end of the film. There were several ways to argue and legitimately defend each point of view, but is there one answer? Was there a specific point of view that Christopher Nolan tried to impart? He vaguely answers some of the questions behind many of  the theories in a recent … Read More

via Chris Petersen's Film Blog