Unmasking The Earth

  You masquerader in performance not slyness yet poise wearing so many outfits that even water could not wash entire sea-beds are evidence of chance that you decided to rest your dancing begins again as water-rain plays music the artifice is your soleness yet it is rumour-bound you boast no eloquencies you are too child-likeContinue reading “Unmasking The Earth”

Roads Of Rash

  This blemish that conceals a concealed artefact like blood that  conceals plasma integrity exists because debauchery washes his hands upon the same shores and feels the same sands toasts to the daylight moon and night solar reflections You compiled a few dictionaries for your heart but detonation need connotations to make himself seem lessContinue reading “Roads Of Rash”


A spirit is hurt mitigated mitosis-cycle of criminal despair my envied armour is peace for I had launched on chaos the blanket burnt me bare taught me tomorrow is better sinisterly without any blessings my scarred eyes are threads like slashed windows and shattered walls these cupboards are used to store misery profuse and eyes bleedContinue reading “Rasping”

Your Title Is Inscribed

Interpreted by a tongue most call bone a sinewy intermingling with a throne canvassing bodies interloping with integrity rushed are mouths kissing words armageddon to impiety armageddon to insolence forked is the vertebrae that holds dichotomy to be only patience wringed is the neck that eats only miscommunication and ropelessly winged is a dancer on theContinue reading “Your Title Is Inscribed”

These Red Scattered Scenes

  You’re impolite you know you bruise readily with your lips a tongue bondage of ice and roped-tired decency you hurt as you pine thinking it’s easy as it is easily mine The art of a seducer is temporary the art of a lover weighs more as the lover secures your tongue is tasty youContinue reading “These Red Scattered Scenes”