And Then I Was Mistakenly Declared “Influential” (via The Ancient Gaming Noob)

It’s nice to be an expert in WHAT you loved and be ACKNOWLEDGED for it MASHALLAH really That is I think what most people dream about ^_^ Say Media yesterday opened up their Say 100 page which is, well… I guess I will let them describe it, from the top of their About The SayContinue reading “And Then I Was Mistakenly Declared “Influential” (via The Ancient Gaming Noob)”

Cats Quote Charlie Sheen (via Medium Large)

And WordPress Presents The LOL Cats version of Charlie Sheen ^_^ All quotes taken verbatim from Charlie Sheen's recent radio interview on The Alex Jones Show. Updated with more cats and quotes! Other Links: Charlie Sheen Quotes Cats Quotes from Lesser Transformers Follow on Twitter @fmarciuliano Follow on Facebook … Read More via Medium Large

Four Days In Penang – Part 2 (via Gnostecism Vision)

I LOVED all the pictures especially of the beach-mosque at the end. MASHALLAH grand architecture melds with water, waves and a day-kissed sky! Welcome back, this is Part 2 of the pics i took on my trip to Penang. Again, the pictures are random and in no particular order. Enjoy 😉 Two more parts coming up!Continue reading “Four Days In Penang – Part 2 (via Gnostecism Vision)”

Tools of Change: The Publishing Pie, February 15, 2011 (via Margaret Atwood: Year of the Flood)

To find one of your most favourite authors online doing a great job of giving a conference on publishing is a gift From Allah Almighty really. Margaret Atwood has astounded me since I was in high school. I still remember reading through “Alias Grace” [my first introduction to her work] and loving it immensely forContinue reading “Tools of Change: The Publishing Pie, February 15, 2011 (via Margaret Atwood: Year of the Flood)”

Telepathy ♠ I missed you

  I read about thermodynamics → Friend mentions thermodynamics a bit later I read about “degrees of freedom” in Spin Theory  → Same friend mentions something related to “freedom” [no, we did not see each others’ screens or anything] I was joking about Sith → Another friend mentions Yoda’s reference to things that lead toContinue reading “Telepathy ♠ I missed you”

The Vision ♠ Of A Dream

  “Before adolescence , memory is more interested in the future than the past”   On February 19th, 1950 — 51 years ago — a young man, a month shy of 23, boarded a train. This man was going to Aracataca to sell a house, his familial home, with his mother. The young man wasContinue reading “The Vision ♠ Of A Dream”

Nostalgia ♠ a progressive•retrogression| into life

Recently — I am befriended, assaulted, harassed, seduced and conversing with Nostalgia. Why? I don’t know but while chatting with younger friends or even reminiscing about when I stumbled upon Harry Potter there it is Nostalgia I think it’s because there is a different pace of life now or it’s because I lived life moreContinue reading “Nostalgia ♠ a progressive•retrogression| into life”

Paths Are Paths

  You are a great seducer, storyteller, legerdemain pillows and cloth feathers of earth telling us to step on your canvassing paper foam and tides are born as we search guardian-like etched in stone, mortar and perfumes of nature winding down to a mortal infrastruction pausing to kiss me once more on my cheek andContinue reading “Paths Are Paths”

Nobody’s Insanity

Take a bow to the arrowed-gunshot head of the bereaver grieving stands for apt to be perfectionist was it clay fertile each nourished grain a perfectionism of dirt and sand? your fellows state the sins cloud the mind with the sins for it is they who keep tabs of the diners where you drink coffee andContinue reading “Nobody’s Insanity”


  Your brothel and your bedfellows partake it mirthly your poisons sans venoms know the lyrical tongue ascribing it to cinders burnt flesh of wood begging for solace you think you’re intelligence gilded vengeance into need a perfect skin-cell growth patched in corpses are thy leathery suitor your Cupid has shot an arrow throw his eyeContinue reading “Intolerance”