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No Wonder I have many writing blogs

And The First Thing the Angel Jibrael (PBUH) said to Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) was “Ikra” which means “Read”

Reading and Writing is part of LIFE — the religious, the temporal, the spiritual and even the subconscious.

I love Writing ^_^

Blog more. It is good for your health Blogging/writing is good for your health. If nothing else, you should write just because of that. Thankfully there are many other reasons why people write and if you don't have one yet, improving your health should be enough reason to do it. Many people don't write because they don't know what to write about, or feel like it will be a waste of time, they are wrong. Writing is both enjoyable and healthy not because of the words you write but becau … Read More

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Walking on Dualisms

Sky at twilight
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Maybe if we become violent bodies of silence
we can retrace
our own genes of

your wreckage is your heart
pounding for another
hormonal fixation

you’ll love something
you’ll love something
but it can
be difficulty
because you are gasping
in noisy space

like tangerines
and apples
red and green

you’ll see
you’ll see

there’s chaos in the stars
and soothing in fire streaks flashing
of meterorites

nibble into that corner of your soul

Breathe alive…

Sorry to Scarring

Sli face mirror
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Listen, I think I might have hurt you
you shrunk so small
hiding a scar
maybe its becoming bluish-black
or maybe
I don’t know
its crimson-fine

purple and white

your dusken eyes tell me you cried

and you told me why?

I may have screamed at you
a little too loudly
smashed you with my voice
and so that scar was born

Please forgive me
I’m sorry

Please forgive me
I’m sorry

Now you’re running past me

we are separated

oh dear me

I think my sorry is a little too late…



Play It On The Universe

The jetty out to somewhere... www.coastandboat...
Image by jimmedia via Flickr

Your heart’s in a bright big sun
laden by a great, kind moon
full of life and light
you succumb to contrasts
binary fusion in the wake
of a horizon
bathed in twilight
and extreme

you have sails
in your flesh
running you in all directions
your compass skeleton
plays  harps
with the clouds
gentle voyager

on the life plan
you can skyline
into the pendulum
of all things

your DNA
in motion
and stillness
can also the anarchic
to dullness

remember yourself

remember you

Claws not Tame

Cat's claw
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these tame claws
are but not benign
not lacklustre
not positive
for negative
these claws know harbour
know scratching in silence
in silhouettes and shadows
in the orchestras of light-play
and dark offspring-marks
when you cradle these appendages
these limbs
these flesh of chisel and plum
to let
see your
these nails and hammers
that move music
play as silk
in a carnival of instruments
that are in my body
can unplug
those marbles
your coquettish tweed suit
needs no ironing
as these claws
needs no clipping
in meditation
they perch
and flow
like tides of water
venom of ice

you can smile
that the eyes

and fingers linger…

Japan Earthquake | May Allah Almighty Protect Them

I hope that the places that have received the Tsunami warnings stay alert and take the necessary measures to prevent any grave misfortunes.

INSHALLAH the ciizens of Japan will recover after such a disaster and stand firm once more. May Allah Almighty Aid you in the coming days.

Hopefully, all will be well…

Cleaner than ♠ Mosaic Marble

cipollino marble
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Cancellation of a plan never means the end of the destination — we didn’t get tickets, we didn’t see the recital and well — we had to go home.

Massive expectation leads to massive disappointment?

Not really

Expectation is an everchanging fruit — challenging you to taste with hope the nutritional seed inside.

We arrived at the destination, as Sherlock Holmes said in the Ritchie movie, fashionably early. The weather pleasant. Heat subsided. An adrenalin of gold pacing down to the breathing rhythm as grey and blue pulsed into the lung of an urban hemisphere.  We had arrived at the wrong building — Oops — and then we were still early — we reached the right one.

In the car there was the humdrum — so, is the show here? Yeah we are in the right building but my younger cousin tactfully informs that there are several wings [actually she had said this in the car before we reached our wrong destination; I was confused for there was a bird monument with outstretched wings in front of us on the road] so — which wing?

She once more tactfully we go to the receptionist.

The building is ghost-like. Perks of coming early.

Ok — no receptionist.

Just Clean mosaic marble. Freckled marble. An an eye-diagram shaped lobby [Wow MASHALLAH I just realized it has similarities with the Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig anime logo] A friendly visitor tells us the dance is proceeding — but we are not here for the dance!

Aunt is asking. Cousin is asking. I regretfully lose my cool and snap at Aunt. But then our pal is not coming. We decided to return.

Quiet in the car. Blank faces. Soft voices


Buying chips. Aunt watches soaps but eats chips and I apologize. She seems relaxed and we are intimate once more.

My Cousin and I are elated by iPAD Angry Birds. The pal does arrive — she gets to be in the show but we had left thinking she could not come — no matter…

Sure, it is not what we expected

But we are having fun…


5 Annoying Replies That Don’t Require “Reply All” (via The Couch Manager)

Yup some really bad features also come with something as dynamic as email :p

5 Annoying Replies That Don’t Require “Reply All” One pet peeve that I share with a lot of people I know is the use of “Reply All” in email – especially when every recipient on the mailing list doesn’t need to be included in the response. It’s very frustrating and such a waste of time having to click through useless back and forth email chatter when the topic doesn’t apply to me. The problem is that because I'm copied on the email chain, I falsely assume that I have to read all the messages and … Read More

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Blood Orange Panna Cotta with Caramelised Oranges (via Dinner for (n)one)

Well MASHALLAH the delicious bursts of colourful food — fruits are a necessity to the world ^_^

Blood Orange Panna Cotta with Caramelised Oranges I’ve gotten over the coconut, but obviously I’m still into blood oranges.  I had some freshly pressed juice left over and was searching my brain for ways to use it up.  I can do quite intricate stuff with food (okay, maybe I haven’t shown that too much here, so I might have to prove it sometime soon…), but I have confessed before that I like easy options in cooking.  So I came up with the easiest one – panna cotta. When you get to the recipe, y … Read More

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