The Belly

These little hearts that we carried under our arms since day one has somehow fallen into a space between our ribs and we can’t see them much anymore complexity is like a bedside lamp one that’s hard to find in deepest slumber but so evidently present once when I was a lad-lass a microbial tissueContinue reading “The Belly”


I am a human; tis an undulating mass of flesh harmonizing salt and clay in my edification bursting from an oval fruit — snapping out from a leathery tubing I am undeniably mortal undeniably sinful-prone undeniably born pure undeniably demons pestered undeniably angel-poured There is a glare between sun and moon it’s both feroious andContinue reading “Undeniable”


My emotions are a bit complex a bit tangible and a lot loud with a subtle card attached you could be a dilemma buying clothes from a store tags on closet worn but not body wrapped yet and then the “yet” is not proposed a free radical ready to bond ready to stir up soContinue reading “Complex-ion”

Failed Poet

I am the Failed Poet I have nothing to offer and “nothingness” seems to offer more but I can’t birth something from nothingness my instruments are sterile fingers benumbed heart bleeding tongue, eyes, nose and skin sterile there’s no scent my nose dives as sacred no eye-gaze to consider philosophy to skin-prodding as stimulus noContinue reading “Failed Poet”

The Webpage

It is a dotted matrix it combs us through patiently and rushing in a hypertext the button on the mouse clicking in intervals what curiosities arouse in the bend between the skull it is a traffic centre a place to feed a kaleidoscope blur a night-day breed and in my veins shot up adrenalin andContinue reading “The Webpage”

Hoping To Gaze in a Star-Shine Equilibrium

Running into motion capturing your sound your emotive translation of your voice of your being and your blooming soul is happy is gardening my inspiratory vault your paradise | your immortality on earth lights like oil on latern lights like a moon on day whispering night To a delicately golden ear and I flourish byContinue reading “Hoping To Gaze in a Star-Shine Equilibrium”

Reading Into The Horizon

Your aptitude for synchronization is moulded by your passion of postage you are beaming with a protozoan sun miraculously glowing in osmotic pores and having a lighthouse in your veins signaling an ether and ozone of some faraway symbiosis in intrinsic detail pouring out sans cacophony sans co-conspiratory you are a theorem implied by gravityContinue reading “Reading Into The Horizon”

In A Bedside Of Indifference

To be won by indifference is a discontinuance  of humanity perplex the soul perplex the broth that is your body on chemical fire larynx is  echo echo is oceanic and bleeding a blue membrane in a hissing heart trembles the bone it is distance | proximity wages war like lifesigns in outerspace invisble to aContinue reading “In A Bedside Of Indifference”

World’s Greatest Dad ♠ Movie Review

When you have a movie with Robin Williams you usually get excellence and this piece is no different. The movie is unique, gently moving but its fluidity stays on in your head. Robin Williams is Lance, a “failed” writer, with a obnoxious girlfriend who is more of a control freak than an intimate, loving equalContinue reading “World’s Greatest Dad ♠ Movie Review”

I Hate Valentine’s Day ♠ Movie Review

Well, most of these romantic movies are considered “chick flicks” and only Allah Almighty knows why considering that many men like romantic movies despite the notion as women-only enterprise. I was considered a romantic by a teacher but I think it calculates to more Keatsian sorts because I don’t always enjoy “chick flicks” as someContinue reading “I Hate Valentine’s Day ♠ Movie Review”