Soliloquy ♠ Before Dusk

Reading in the stationary car ▬ my eyes are here but I think I am partly distracted. It could be because I am sleepy and I think with the day my energy is setting. Daylight seemingly has become whiter or is it golden warped with the blues, blacks and whites of the day that willContinue reading “Soliloquy ♠ Before Dusk”


There’s something about them that I like — these external attachments to our face. A successor of sorts to ‘name calling’ [though nowadays calling someone ‘four eyes’ is as antiquated as gliding someone off with breeches considering that most people nowadays may take them up one time or another due to excessive exposure to aContinue reading “Lenses”

How it can survive — “Twilight”

Actually by writing this I’m probably doing it a favour. As a friend said that any publicity is “good” publicity [not in those words but you guys get the picture] But I think  Twilight will survive as garbage, the un-recyclable kind or the trash that is somehow, unfortunately got into by cliche Mills and Boon crapContinue reading “How it can survive — “Twilight””


The wall is a nesting ground for all innovations of violence yet it is a comforting puzzle for the Rubik cube  that is adversity blessed is the one who knows violence blessed is the one who knows intolerance yet shapes not pieces as such keeps much to oneself the part was wielded by thorns cut on anContinue reading “Roadblocks”

Ponderous balloons

Like air in your arteries plasma in your vertebrae we are setting course we are halflings of curses and blessings via a large macro-microscope those thoughts that arches in your patronage building up and exploding or remarkably smitten to the ethersphere hot-warm-icing on a cerebral banquet flirting are meteoric dust coquettish are novas in their folds andContinue reading “Ponderous balloons”

Dangling Overboard

At times people act weirdly making your mind sixes and sevens your whole heart shatters but they are clueless to those proceedings to your macabre internal they think they are right in proper allignment but in truth they have themselves abandoned the luminescence of them like paper blots of despair I cling on to the storm whileContinue reading “Dangling Overboard”

Wet Shells

moist like water on the petals moist like dews of the rocks an ocean embryo an ocean entire these glances in my collarbones these glances in these chasms of light call my eyes sewing in colours and eyelashes and so many droplets of emotions we are of the sea and of earth mammalian-amphibian — coveredContinue reading “Wet Shells”

Place To Be Mobile

Are we streets? do we cry? asphalt tears stone memories abide by mortar and ash? uniting in a innovation uniting in wheeling forms uniting under seperation place your arm on my neck place your guts on my vase let’s decorate ourselves in macabre let’s decorate ourselves more into clinical insanity loneliness moves noise stammers andContinue reading “Place To Be Mobile”