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You Follow Through

Sunset from Crack in Rock Plaza
Image by Al_HikesAZ via Flickr

my pencil wrapped
I feel I have to do
what is expected
though I’m ill -prepared
and feeling that
I might be called dumb soon
I don’t like this feeling
of following through

tsk tsk
tsk tsk

it’s like flesh and bone
and blood soaking through
through the veins and arteries
and lymphs listening
typing their cells
platelets with their nets
fishing from a crack on a geographic plate

tsk tsk
tsk tsk

these IQ scores are on the low
these quotients that design as a blunt pen on a tic-tac-tow
like giving two cents as the fund
I’m feeling blue

tsk tsk
tsk tsk

parked outside my house
buttons loose to feel rain
on my neck
red welts on my skin on sheet
and I’m thinking of being loved
by some cool
only rain touches
and that is my cool

tsk tsk
tsk tsk

what flowers in the cavity of the  bruise?
the wall, the blemish of the scarred skin we call the “bruise”?

we say “tsk, tsk, such a failure.”
never questioning the digits, the structures
intellect denied, genius captured

in the small soliloquy offered
we painfully follow through… ▬

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Light and Shadow in the Carina Nebula - GPN-20...
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is fostered by a requiem of the living
where we horde our original selves
because the self we sell is easier to bear♠bare
and its more comfortable to wear♠ware

and only few us can divine
that masks are but stationery♠stationary
and in the course of time all will wither♠whither
▬ we want our tissues to perform mime

the bloodless can read
the bloodless can be geniuses to the string
marketable as the everyday dream
the true self can duel♠dual
on the straightforward♠forward
all the necessities

wielding sin is easier than wielding the metaphor
you can poison♠poise in
the banquet of a plethora of comedy

yet the rose♠rose in the dullest of plains♠plains
can flourish in the brightest of radiance

narcissism can only offer a nail
yet the revolution♠revolution of the wheels of this cognomen
is basking in the ether♠ether

of being the real face♠face . ▬

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Some green and a brown egg standing on end wit...
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I cracked open an egg ▬
▬ it had soul inside
I tried to poach it in a frying pan
and it said don’t stain me no more

it’s not a egg
I did not know
it’s a soul wandering like a corpse bathing in life!
you know what you need?
can I repair the egg-shell?
would you go back to your dream?
it’s said “I don”t know, you don’t know ▬ can I stay here?”

I’m afraid
that it will egg me too
I’m afraid I’ll helpless so
to a dream
that may be fibrous unreality
dangerously fantastical
demeaning minutiae of a casual
candour and breathing

pontifically it states
I can’t remember a name
that means ▬
I say remember
where you lie!

it withholds to withhold frying
it withholds to withhold trying

I cannot excuse you
I don’t think you can ▬
▬  stay ▬
you seem too arduously daydreaming
but caring not of your actual wandering synthesis

I want to throw it
the crows can have it

it says ” I am comatose ▬ not ready to wake▬”
oh please, why not?!

the egg dissolves
the crack remains

somewhere I hear a sigh
of a mortal reaching dimension . ▬

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A Hubble Space Telescope image of the supernov...
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am I messed up in the sanctity that is establishment?
or am I between the depths of acceptability?
is it ok that I recklessly survive
survive in a middle?

never within two oddities of extremes that normally clout the world
never between and always in between
I’m but here and listening
listening as I am listening
a normal oddity in this shell of the universe

polygamously monogamous
like a knife shining with light of angles 45° ▬ 95° ▬ 180° ▬  360°
encased by blood and lymph and rawest of plasma
I’m tuning in to the ionosphere
I’m tuning into ethers that chance of supernovas

living is universal
speaking is transcendental… ▬

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Using ♠ Different Mediums

I think I might start using my other blog engines a bit more ▬ I do still like WP but I hope it brings more in the future and fixes its glitches ^_^

WP I think should increase flexibility of its templates and bring more skins like Vigilance ^_^

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Your ♦ Crying

A Metallic Shield bug, Scutiphora pedicellata.
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is a licence to freedom
surreptitiously coy
stealthily voracious
a chimera of flesh and water
viscous and three dimensional
a pureness of artifice and virtue
laden under a coloured part of the earth ▬

▬ these are part of you
the internal muscle
of grey and red
spidery blue and green
mirthless and non-mirthless
organically artificial
lovingly fleshy
a metallic hybrid
of those things
that we have

I’m loving these hypotheses
tingles the brain
swims at the soul…

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I had ♠ other queries

A pink Dahlia
Image via Wikipedia

was her nail bitten or spun? ▬ into a nice patch of white or colourless tubes?
was the question there? was the question here? am I in a question too?
leaking of the fragmentations that can be fragmentations
wholes in the holes as in the air ▬ granules are speechless
“what say you about her nails?”
“they are pink.”
” pink?”
” a nice healthy pink or creaminess-pink on a dusk that is her body…very nicely patterned.”
” but they are chewed.”
” chewed and tattered did not un-close pink ▬ they allowed me to see.”
” what of her clothes?”
” ok.”
” do you know the designers?”
” no.”

I am but the beak-less
falcon sans falcon
chicken without yolk
poached but not consumed
leather bag not on a eye-sale
seed in a mist
gestating in a fog
broken innuendoes
fragmentations on a whole

” why do you not speak of her clothes?”
” why?”
” you do not care?”
” I do care about the pouches in her eye scrambled by a poor oil pan.”
” she seems so betrayed by a loneliness ▬ walking around like a severed head ▬ bemoaning that artifice has been too usual.”
” who cares about that?! the condition of her nails!”
” does not interest me…”
” how can it? you are of the same stock.”
” I do not pouch darkness and see artifice regularly.”
” You are so stupid.”
” that person may have been hurt.”
” how can you be sure?”
” because of the darknesses and dizziness.”
” she’s a fat loser like you.”
” I do not know losers and winners but pretenders are easy.”
” pretenders?”
” Your eyes match that of a blooming rose ▬ sequinned by kajol so black that it is like laughter on a beautiful summer night yet there are greys there laughing too like a midsummer poison; venus flytrap in chorus.”
” you are such a bitch!”
” and nails can be plucked and still be there.”
” who gives a damn?!”
” I do.”
” so annoying!”
” like a nest broken she seems tearless yet teary ▬ her heart knows melancholia and a cancer unseen.”
” so stupid!”
” I have other queries?”
” what…?”
” what is her sustenance now? what makes her cling ▬ that spirit of bravery…”
” she looks like she has eaten a whale!”
” a wisp of look can betray a eye ▬ smoulder our childish senses.”
” so…?”
” I do have other queries.”