You Follow Through

my pencil wrapped I feel I have to do what is expected though I’m ill -prepared and feeling that I might be called dumb soon I don’t like this feeling of following through tsk tsk tsk tsk it’s like flesh and bone and blood soaking through through the veins and arteries and lymphs listening typingContinue reading “You Follow Through”


is fostered by a requiem of the living where we horde our original selves because the self we sell is easier to bear♠bare and its more comfortable to wear♠ware and only few us can divine that masks are but stationery♠stationary and in the course of time all will wither♠whither ▬ we want our tissues toContinue reading “snap♠cut”


  am I messed up in the sanctity that is establishment? or am I between the depths of acceptability? is it ok that I recklessly survive survive in a middle? never within two oddities of extremes that normally clout the world never between and always in between I’m but here and listening listening as IContinue reading “Normaoddity”

Your ♦ Crying

is a licence to freedom surreptitiously coy stealthily voracious a chimera of flesh and water viscous and three dimensional a pureness of artifice and virtue laden under a coloured part of the earth ▬ ▬ these are part of you the internal muscle of grey and red spidery blue and green mirthless and non-mirthless organically artificial lovinglyContinue reading “Your ♦ Crying”

I had ♠ other queries

was her nail bitten or spun? ▬ into a nice patch of white or colourless tubes? was the question there? was the question here? am I in a question too? leaking of the fragmentations that can be fragmentations wholes in the holes as in the air ▬ granules are speechless “what say you about her nails?”Continue reading “I had ♠ other queries”

Craziness in Sanity

  your macabre is that which is a subtle cell mass producing no traces non-tangible for ignorance non-tangible for “other things to do” when your bleeding carcass is on the move when your arteries are in a flux voltage up-down and the membranes in your body-sack is riveting out of course in-course tragedy that followsContinue reading “Craziness in Sanity”

Thinking about Random things

  I can think a lot ▬ to the point of being distracted from that which I am doing. Sometimes I may be erroneous ▬ I don’t know. But many a times I am tired with myself and feel that I do not know what to do. I guess fatigue is a normal human emotion and weContinue reading “Thinking about Random things”

Talking ♠ Books

How we approach books depends a lot of individuality. I realized this of course due to eclectic tastes ▬ I am the sort who can read almost any kind of book; though  of course they must have some appeal. I even read a Mills and Boon once. It was good writing ▬ as in noContinue reading “Talking ♠ Books”