Unlike our toes, fingers, tiny dots of cells when we started — we grew, past blastocyst and became two. Rigid bodies. Latticed differently. And soon the words “twins” made sense for the sensible — I a girl and he a boy and that’s the way the ball bounces — or should that be gender ballContinue reading “Two”

Unless we rearrange…

the sky is a blue blooded royal a yellow lettered peasant and the clouds are subjects and rulers in within a fresco of impatience matted by the elixirs of colours in the deepest parts of ourselves where those truer chemicals flow do we betray truth by espousing  hormonal calamity? ▬ calamitous in righteous? ▬ converting “fictions strangers than truth”Continue reading “Unless we rearrange…”

Idiolect in ♠ Martyrs And Bosom

Fiery Ice and Combustible ash plethoras of microscopic cells ▬ languish eyes and crouched spine behavioural larynx in plateau | legged snakes and winged ostriches round and round the iris moves marvel at marble buildings that defy domino piles and a garden of weeds with ourselves to volt and plough and harvest into roses objectify your own-self and subjectify the flesh We are both youngContinue reading “Idiolect in ♠ Martyrs And Bosom”

Conduits of ♠ Me

Your slick negligence makes propriety to be vain you think for better or worse you are better than me for you have excelled and I have inhaled the fumes of  less higher achievements you are brain and I might have been brawn but my cerebral euphoria cannot lag into that I have been like youContinue reading “Conduits of ♠ Me”

Gasping for Air

My brain is an opiated case meshed out with particles and atomic explosions in its chasm breaking into nebula and  stones crafting it barricades and ozone I am gasping for air my cerebral tissue is in despair it is a round-and-round spiral-oval labyrinth and the worlds are its garden how I voyaged from Eden to this outpostContinue reading “Gasping for Air”

a part of existence…

Why does the mind wander? To an opiated sea where floating is drowning and drowning is floating…? and the islands are metallic substitutes of an urban recalcitranium my cranium laps up the bones… and on a shore on holiday the bay is just a crustacean’s plateau where I hunger so that I am complexity onceContinue reading “a part of existence…”

Under Cerulean Lamps

Stretches out in miles like on phosphorous like on clay between thumbs between palms and other limbs I am dancing with a whole lot of air as a helium tribe I censor gravity like a clay tribe I defy erosion I am rock bedded into soil I am plant that is bedded into roots andContinue reading “Under Cerulean Lamps”