Conduits of ♠ Me

Ruins in Twilight
Image via Wikipedia

Your slick negligence
makes propriety to be vain
you think for better or worse
you are better than me

for you have excelled
and I have inhaled the fumes of  less higher achievements
you are brain and I might have been brawn
but my cerebral euphoria cannot lag into that
I have been like you
with a temperament different
not agressive opposites
so like the same

yet you were chosen to have glory
while I am cemented in a sponge
tacitly absorbing
yet too melancholic for the plunge
at right angles, at 180° or 360°
we have both spun the abstract gray matters
the concrete cells
yet you flew from the cage
and myself  laid
a grilled bar in my spine
Inhibiting catalysts from springing onto clear blue sky

how unfair it is
that we sang the same songs
yet you flew
and I stayed
rotting with the same migraines
clipped wingless by life
who had ignored to care for a while…

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