Do you think money can buy happiness?

happiness is a state so if democracy allows us to buy states as pure capitalism then “yes” and I think dorothy would have bought kansas but seriously can it? I think as its a state with significance what makes you happy depends on people — I would be nuetral but most of me likes to stick with “no”

It gets like this

that there is a thinking bluishly-goldingly-silvery-reddishly throbbing in my skull and my heart and I am thinking why and I thinking why and I am thinking why and I am thinking what and possibly I am a diluted loser or a concentrated can of some F grade stuff but maybe I am not or maybe I am gonna keep on talking miscellaneously this word miscellaneous reminds me of anime fansites I used to view when the internet was young in the early o’s and I understand the need of nostalgia and the capital feeling of feeling warm and fuzzy and sometimes I look at past days and think wish they come back and other times I don’t care and truthfully I can see that this font looks nice and I am writing along with it and I have always liked the ink and paper and I noticed that I is the only capital I am using but that is habit not narcissism really and thats the subject proper for ya and I think I might stop now or am I just beginning really . ▬

Passing time

Image by Jose and Roxanne via Flickr

passionately trying to censor boredom
talking, talking a mouth of me instigated
related to and fro a pendulum brain
a heart saying isolation an unwanted chore of a thing
resting upon an alternate — piracy of better substances

eating on the fibres of heaviness that pound on excess
and configuring sadnesses, tales so tail stays sans fire
and cells stay the sane
on a tricky hiatus . ▬