…I know it’s hard to resist —

  these callouses made me me I am turned out like a weathered shoe clanking, irritating others yet comfortable to me it’s like extra gravity holding me a pinch of eccentricity and it’s like cloud shaped like praying hands and an island suspended in motion and two gleams of sun pointed out like a moonbeamContinue reading “…I know it’s hard to resist —”

flipping —

the rawness is strictly coated as a melodic opportune moment combustible belonging and so is the unripe and the unjostled heading to the extremes and the hybridities of the long-short world of experiences I was hoping that upon the world that I floated on and the world that had a inspiration to float into the moments:breathing:ticking:brushing:typing:yawning:running:stiing:walking wereContinue reading “flipping —”

subtlety —

can be brutal-magnanimous like a teacher to the infant preciously coddling on the illiteracy of the literacy and like shadows and light fight and talk and coexist as neighbourhood lanes winding on a pathologically-ordinary pathways to the butcher shop to the pastry shop, and the linen store, tongs and bookshops and greeneries galore the weight of the anchor onContinue reading “subtlety —”