somethings I don’t know

  it’s really hard here I don’t know the common things the simple things as simple as tying knots on a dress there is laughing, jesting — many a times in good humour but it breaks me apart like bone being beaten why do I have such a retarded growth I speak in a differentContinue reading “somethings I don’t know”

sleepless in sleeplessness

  insomnia is like little crack on a glasswater slips from itbut you have refused to replaced ityour arrangement skills are dullyou are mopping moping mess you are not doing anythingyou are just doingit’s like a flash of bright bulbs burning your switch water is nice, even from the chipped glasseven for a chipped mugit’sContinue reading “sleepless in sleeplessness”

madness, madness

    fanged taste  of the poisonlocal saliva; alien habita position most whatis defined as paradoxlight bendingdarkness invertedlike gravity harvested a supernovaand plunged into a chaos black void what is madness?a habit, a tic, a hallucinationa radio-tone, cellphone tap, IM-creakbubbling pots, undercooked meat, vegetables starving, cotton thawskin on a pullover curtainclamped mouth with eyes staringhands pumpedContinue reading “madness, madness”