A short para on a sci-fi fiction I plan on writing

The skin is the longest organ of the body. It’s like a map. An atlas of hair, bumps, bruises, scars and indefinite cell divisions. My skin is a cage. An exclusion. It’s originality makes it uncertain. It’s genius makes its different. And variables are hard to count for. The heat outside feels like an oven.Continue reading “A short para on a sci-fi fiction I plan on writing”

betrayed intros in chat 101

  then there’s poignantly, awful melodramapinched by the tastelessness, the paranoid, the cut-throat awarenessshark-pebbles between toes and a creature shallow for the bitingmy tongue wept but could not bleed properthe taste of the iron is in a marble balloon hard to cracklike those eggs you see made of stone; you love them one day andContinue reading “betrayed intros in chat 101”