Non gig-lamp

nothing too short to measure; the microscope in a microcosm the vibes of goats and the innocence of lion cubs makes mewonder on about how moon and sun dine so moderately — with economies crashing as civilizations of concrete of loremy hair falling and students rushing to the cancer storewith my fairytale biography freshly brewed fromContinue reading “Non gig-lamp”

A form of melancholy in motion

my illegitimate truth and I were having some teawe would have kissed but watchful eyes did pryalready contemplating the seditiousness of our symmetryI called him a goblin and he called me pearl and we both laughedI called him a “he” but he could be a “she”; a transgendered personthus a frown did already emerge; formingContinue reading “A form of melancholy in motion”


cosetted by lice and vermin of all sortsthe men sit cosily with their petticoats as the women wear straightjacketssomebody wants to say its better to wear a saroong but that would be culturally ihneffectivethe women dressed in chains and lace tell its time for teathe men love to wear high undercarriages to keep their secretsContinue reading “Petticoats”

What is friendship?At times I wonder if friendship

What is friendship?At times I wonder if friendship is even real. I know historically, in reality, fiction, epics and poetry friendship is ever present. Same pop culture examples that come to mind is Sherlock and Watson and in the Indian subcontinent you have Akbar and Birbal (coincidentally both Watson and Birbal served as advisors tooContinue reading “What is friendship?At times I wonder if friendship”