Non gig-lamp

nothing too short to measure; the microscope in a microcosm 
the vibes of goats and the innocence of lion cubs makes me
wonder on about how moon and sun dine so moderately —

with economies crashing as civilizations of concrete of lore
my hair falling and students rushing to the cancer store
with my fairytale biography freshly brewed from a print ink
digitally craving, soaring and wanting the paucity of paper to be
so replete —

by the way that date went went.▬



whatt more could I ask for? gaining – losing – economic – allergic – chic – masculine – line
like troubling little sparrows eating an eagle’s wing while he snored and ate a dream
oh a pack of crows singing a lullaby helped a romantic couple of doves dance
and the cuckoo at the adoption agency told he wanted a baby swan to call his own
but a goose told him that ugly ducklings had went with frog princes to tie Rapunzel’s hair

and a jaguar and a spider were happy to eat a nice salad of chestnut and herbs
jaguar said thank you for weaving a gossamer plate and the spider said thank you
I dont like eating alone; its no use being fat and useless but duck cackled I have a webbed feet can I join too so the tea had a little luncheon on the wild woods were safety often lay.

Snow White got sunburned and developed rashes making the prince go with the Maleficent; I like a constant love he said but Maleficent replied your heart is crooked like a ravine and decided to console the Beast who as a prince replied are you a beauty in disguise?

Snow White’s warts made her a toad but then she was kissed by a Native man strong and he said I do not think a human is defined by skin that only shimmers and shines so Snow White thanked Cocoum. Pocahontas and Naveen went to an art exhibition with Tiana and Thatch.

While Hercules told Kuzco do you want to play video games?. ▬

A form of melancholy in motion

my illegitimate truth and I were having some tea
we would have kissed but watchful eyes did pry
already contemplating the seditiousness of our symmetry
I called him a goblin and he called me pearl and we both laughed
I called him a “he” but he could be a “she”; a transgendered person
thus a frown did already emerge; forming like perspiration on glass
soon the waiter with his doubtful eyes to our smiles asked what is our order
we joked on homo sapien but he cringed at the taxonomicy so I referred to Adam and Eve
but he cringed more and scowl spoke in silence in the rigid terseness of his face
we ordered and he said it’s too much but we said we will to our content
I ordered two glasses of water and he said one would be enough — I insisted
he resigned with petulant rolling eye syndrome and left with the scowl heard
we laughed and people stared and I knew to them you were a ghost of a bygone asylum

to me you are real as the day in heat, the meals in plates and the dusk that dawned. ▬


cosetted by lice and vermin of all sorts
the men sit cosily with their petticoats as the women wear straightjackets
somebody wants to say its better to wear a saroong
but that would be culturally ihneffective
the women dressed in chains and lace tell its time for tea
the men love to wear high undercarriages to keep their secrets less exposed
one of them wants to say hey lets get the jackets off and use it to build a fire
but campfires are outdated, obsolete, obscene; why do it if we have a living room
a jaundiced man wearing pants is too happy in pretending that he is different
because his trunks underneath have the same seems of these petticoated dreams
they want to ask did you not get the memo but that would entail communication a non-tea event with our earl greys in place — one of the women is covertly drinking green tea another tulsi but they have their retro upped hair to represent a steady scene, a cosy way to interject erections

finally somebody screams: “I want to  get out.”

but the petticoats make a foot trip; bruising the beauty of the mouth.▬

What is friendship?At times I wonder if friendship

What is friendship?
At times I wonder if friendship is even real. I know historically, in reality, fiction, epics and poetry friendship is ever present. Same pop culture examples that come to mind is Sherlock and Watson and in the Indian subcontinent you have Akbar and Birbal (coincidentally both Watson and Birbal served as advisors too to their cherished friend to and visa versa).

Some friendships turn romantic; be it of whichever sex. We know The Merchant of Venice focuses on the homoerotic and presumably sexual relationship between Antonio and Bassanio which led to the pound of flesh affair. In Oranges are not the only fruit (I’m in no way anti-religious) Jeanette’s love for her friend Melanie is obviously more than just friendship. Then of course you have countless heterosexual depictions such as Sethe’s love with Paul D in Beloved.

These friendships have intimacy and understanding; closeness and comfort, a form of stability maybe even a form of chaos (however, they need not echo the sexual or erotic).

The warm soup, the warm broth, the hormones, the contacts, the bonds are these just a mere illusions?


Unfortunately, I think I never had. or lost friendship.