he said I was a square
he said I was pretty stupid
I told him explain
he started his thesis:

you don’t paint your face
you don’t paint your nails
you tie your hair in a frigid ponytail
you got thin lips
a fatty figure
and you don’t exactly wear nice things
with frills and lace
you play videogames
you got a degree for nothing
and you are so aggressive

technically you remind me of a bum not a girl


I replied:

my face is not painted as I fight no cosmetic war
my nails are a nice sheen with hard enamel
my ponytail measures a sensual mathematical angle
my lips are real and not a botox stand
I am imperfect I cradle no lies in this
but I do well in video games
my pretty is a colour machine not a monochrome
my figure is malleable and not only bone

while your bum is ugly warts; and I have to be aggressive for you thought that was fine once

I don’t have time for this
you can leave
no one’s stopping you

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