you lose

free on, from your genocide of lies free on, from your genocide of lies pretty crack of a smile dispel your arson you poisoned pal you’re poisoned pal like a latch upon my lamp kerosene blotch of nightmare spine fluke of neurosis you’re better than a sore thumb you bite with each wound how thinkingContinue reading “you lose”

Mrs Dalloway

There is nothing I wouldn’t want I am not lacking of anything I am not perfect, but I am beautiful I am not being self-centered I am just saying that even if I am not pretty I can try to be pretty interesting and that matters to me and some people Sometimes I wonder aboutContinue reading “Mrs Dalloway”

sadness repertoire [a]

am wounded am crying am wounded am losing sanity am feeling like negative zero am committing mistakes that break my heart what am I gonna do? Oh God, why is caring so stubborn? wishing I was indifferent like many people I see.▬ ▬ . seriously, am I really that ugly that I am cataracted? wedgeContinue reading “sadness repertoire [a]”

sometimes, along these lines —-

perhaps tonight you spit your spite, I am demon in disguise or an angel whose wings are cannibalized? am I the criminal or the crime? it’s always a misunderstood vagrancy; a heart nonstop delinquent becoming mass murderer but before I tasted the  blood; made the original kill, in Cain’s footsteps — before God sends theContinue reading “sometimes, along these lines —-“

moon pages

yesternight I saw the moon full and large; petit and petite yet not crowned with its platinum jewels it wore a rustic set as those of a village babe freckled upon its body ash and black like a raven molted and molten cauldron flesh of a copper gold that elucidated the plains it looked likeContinue reading “moon pages”

playing with words

chasms of gasms gaping galloping and fritzy ferocious precious pious haughty got me and jocky mocky jabberwocky alice chalice in mathematical astronomical phantasmagoria meena you get a spine on a skin; wonder woman of dusky-dawn amarante loving words and figures yet academically unsound tuning the brain and heart might help but they’re like diffiicult radio-fi’sContinue reading “playing with words”

ink argosy 3

  Blame. Game. It’s actually quite crooked you know. Being blamed for things. I think people who mostly blame others for even the simplest issues are upset about something else and blaming someone is the quickest way to dis-acknowledge your own sorrows and transfer them into some other thing. It’s like an urn or aContinue reading “ink argosy 3”

An essay on trying to understand human interactions —-

I’ll ache with you if you ache with me — sans the genitalia throbbing not a mere saying to soothe the shallow I want something both deep and mechanical your heart intent not reflex and if it is your sex let’s see I want the desire unfettered from doubt lettered by sensuous not cannibalism notContinue reading “An essay on trying to understand human interactions —-“

ink argosy 2

  When did it happen that we were so satisfied with war? I guess war has always been a mostly personal issue but when the person becomes or acts counter personal it is then that we call for some interventions. Obviously, many people use intervention as an instrument to cause more violence or hazard. Why?Continue reading “ink argosy 2”

Ink argosy 1

  Unconventionally oriented. I would use those words to describe myself. Even my intellect or what can be called as intelligence does not belong to the intelligentsia that is celebrated. I am no ordinary Muslim but I am an ordinary Muslim. How can that be a “paradox” — I lipmarked because I did not wantContinue reading “Ink argosy 1”