Symphony no. Madness in E flat

there must be be stairs to madness
it is the accentuated ascent
lack of atmosphere, stratosphere, oxysphere
my ozone corrupted by industrial normalcy
pockmarked by the guilds of society
pinched and prodded by the prod of perverts
my chest, my ass —- they being a dick to my dick
when sex is a basket of ganga rolls cuckooing cream treats
oh wait that’s my brain on cum gear shift
because I ejaculated a dose of grey for your pleasure
the pinnacle of a dumb fuck

friends told me I pussyed out or cocked out
cop out hey we are deem unfit for some language barrier
fuck it you bastard haven’t you heard colloquial dialect
globalization my spanked ass on some BDSM joint
where you tell me I’m this or that but I am not
and soon we pickpocketed some guy I blowed on
just because he never smiled and that indifferent cock needed that
maybe sex is rabid because we miss pandemics
black plague, calling black plague — shall we do a Batman thing?
or like some Avengers assemble crap? — oh, wait let me
be politically correct — white plague you racists
no, jizz plague — limp bizkit had it right when they said
chocoloate starfish and hot dog flavoured water
what the fuck happened to them?
everyone gets famous and then gets famously bad
Don’t phunk with my heart? — we got hearts again
wasn’t that a 60’s bash or a woodstock thing?
Oh wait, think of movies with babes in saress
you want to see Rebecca as a modern psyche?
Go to the Kolkata cinema and ask for Debashish 320

Roy becomes Ray fuck he ain’t Ray Charles
both of them will keep your ass
I bet you never heard of Begum Rokeya or Victoria Ocampo
they both seriously feminist like handing it to the man
my dick should learn from them
Mayday Mayday Mayday there is no May day
you got April’s fools on the merry month of beautiful devices

I’m full because I am candied out
baked by idiocy
I’m translated as a difficulty depressed teen
oi bitches I am 20+ teen you little fucks
but you kept me mentally unkempt
like on begging, food stamps and communist jargons

you know this was an era of slogans and graffiti teeshirts
think back to the Baul and Socrates
making pots and folking out
rock on metal classics!

I rather go out wearing a bedsheet and say
“I crave for nothing because you guys taught me nothingness
is what should be craved.”

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