scribbling on a coaster one evening

7% of battery life on my phone today
once upon a time of tic-tock Nokia days
my phone could lay unplugged for several days
whether I used it or not and ironically my smartphone is a multigrabber thus it consumes more
imitating the anatomy of work and diet and human body
of the now — smartphones are stressed out yo

the subways or trainlines or traffic meters are not bypassed here
like in street to street repertoire; but they lead elsewhere
what makes a first world, second world or third world and why are there only three when they are supposedly nine dimensions and polygons in between — math is pretty for instruction; bad for a reasonable account of things.

And logic is a patriarch using a sullen matriarch to beat money out of the pants of children with hallmark cards and Valentine restaurants; capis and commis drink water from the same cup, same tap but decide sitting together would be incest so leave the rest to be measured debates coordinated
and I the ballerina of biology sitting on a corner
trying to kiss the face of a BL anime guy because I have no date
and trying to miss the drunk flirt asking me what I am doing
I am not lonely because I don’t have a date, don’t have company
I am lonely because I am in a company, of bones
because some flesh eating bacteria from some world country
came and ate them clean
spared me for it got bored. ▬

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