rhythm palate

sometimes I wonder what ratios offer
or words I am writing right now on the screen
like organs systematically and unsystematically coil
and unfurl like mouths kissing on an elevator
the real kiss; he flutters softly as though he can’t stop
but like a hummingbird she sucks his nectar
and like a flower her dances along
the nectar dots and my feathers like a DNA swap
have you ever felt attached by the hip, attached by the rib
two zones cusped like a bicuspid
laboratory schematics can’t explain this
after the first tap on the window
he looks and sees herculean feats by her
and he is impressed
who wouldn’t be
some cycles in time like cycles on the sand
pebbles can feel like someone’s skin
polished or ragged; have you not hurt and heal
his pectorals and thorax, his chest, his nipples
God, he is perfect — like some moon on a sashay night
with accentuated curves he waltzes like a ballerine
lollipops and cabbages and soon they hit
like foam on rocks; but there are recedes
and pullings; like gravity on your legs
and the socks we pull of off our loved ones
erotically, lovingly,
the mattress like soft sand near the foam of love
veinlets and eyelets orbed tongues
coloured silvery cherry apple; green flashing on brown and green
hugging like hummingbirds into closures of flowers
air and earth water in between; fire too
iron and wood, xylem retinas
budding mouths that mean I love you
with nectar and dots, pythagorus only covered half the arc
jettisoned letters into a cycle of love.▬

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