feeling as if I was you

snuggling close in softness and caresses
the skin tactile; cheek present, hair absent, wisps of strands
wisps of tongue slick and moist like dreams and poetic monologues; encased in sweetness and muscle; a vernacular
all your own; the tic toc of the nose that serves as a buffer, a white noise; trousers or jeans unzipped; fondled your masculinity a bit
ejaculation not present; satiated by pre-cum anima you take fingers  near the waist where bone and sinew made a lace; a fence, a tidy arc; to the circle of your caliphygian and the secret of your sex mounted by fibres; creased by tense feelings and some fantasies
your sleep is engendered by a sense of non-gender; you see yourself as both female and male cusping out hands and feet to different anatomy, non-monotony, bridging echoes and vibrations; from cock to soul to brain to mouth from spine to toes to marrow to fingerprints; you are edible composure so you are wrapped in your own tissues and arms and permeable blankets and subconscious — when you awaken you’ll smile but I will softly sigh; envious at your absent envy for you may not know that tip; but then you look at my lips and eyes as though we are feeling coccooned like thyamines, cytosins, adenines and guanines — solely accomplished yet bilaterally executed.▬

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