In this room

where I had learned to retire for the days and nights
as stars range and roar in their clustered orbitals
oh no, learning is not non independent nor codependent
true tutelage has grasped with inclinations as mathematical bearings; and crisscross the opulent displays of dark and light

this room has been more sacred as a confessional; for the priest
was me and many other people; sometimes true, fictive or manifestations of informations — I had laughed and wept here
gossiped with my other halves — I miss bodies here; ironically,
I have had long romances in this room, bordered on me, myself and own daydream but a true lover was out there in the streets and fields — probably once and twice looked this way as a separate or lingering view of landscape — remote fingers caress curtains and air; how I wish I could be emulated in certain sighs and gaspings that you had.

The cathedral palms with their coconut domes look like great symmetries; their barks look inspiration for cubism and the leaves
a notice for braids; how I wish I were the clouds that plaited these lovely stalks — and the soft glows of honeycrust sun that aches and shudders like both an orgiastic body and swells like a drowsy scientist to a composer in balance

and the budding seeds in my arms and abdomen
my novels — scribble onto my fingers like vinelets and lovely flowers; metal and coal; steel industrial and steel organic
and the mattress soft cotton cheeked where I feel at times God is holding me…not only while I am sleeping…when I look wide awake

it’s true that I don’t always love you; you are not permament but neither are you really solidly temporal — the spaces that you have naped, chewed and mouthed into my bones may last because I loved the slender way you touched and ebbed; like silk ripples or chalk fibres upon the wrinkled ether…do spaces exist as personfications? Does that mean if I bring my lover here it’ll be a menage a trois? Sorry, carried away naughty — but my lover will see a repository of emotions an oxy-diary in here; both cave and atrium and cloister and pearls and webs and pulses and more when we stay here; let us complete this matrix, dear; even if it is shorter time let us writ in spaces of voluminable mass and insoluble parameters.▬

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