You’re Just Not My Type.

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Dead Ole' Pancreas

There is an inspirational meme that goes around Facebook every so often that says, “Live every day like it’s your last.” It’s usually sparkly or has rainbows or a black and white beach scene or some equally pukey thing. That’s so adorable. In theory. In practice? It’s a damn depressing way to live.

A year ago I wrote about being diagnosed with type-2 diabetes and what a downer it was. (Lousy Anniversary, June 2012)

Oh, what a naïve little kitten I was!

Believe it or not, I found something worse! Being MIS-diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. I’m actually a type-1 diabetic. [insert my favorite curse words and some insulin here.] You know when it’s awesome to discover said misdiagnosis? When you’re on a long distance bike ride/camping trip! You know what else is awesome? Not being able to breathe because your body is in diabetic ketoacidosis

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I lost my mind


suddenly it started feeling weird; slump slump slump slump in chest
rickety rickerty — oh ok I hate you I love you I hate to love you I
love to hate you — WHAM BAM thank you fucking traffic jamm jammmmmm
/ D drive incodex missiing alt +cltrl+deel system restart install OP
Mac Jac Window on crack crack crack — dam damn dam break …..<cough><cough>
<cough> <cry> CRY CRY CRY I DONT WANT TO BE HERE! imput file Trojan ulcer
worm nuggets sign sign in oh too integrated stock market crash fuck fuck fuck
….^__^^^______/\.\./\/\^^^^/\\/\/\._______________ @@I…can I begin again?
Even if I can’t go back I know I can begin again.▬