Duely noted


that you incorporate readiness parasites
virus plethora; pandominium on the maximum
my first and last kiss? Please go check out from the cliche counter
you got your hymens I got mine
you got your swords I got mine
please don’t go Noh on me
and think that is the pinnacle of “cooldom”
cool down hyperbole parabolic collision
you think death of me is the ultimate solution?
getting at me, to me, is a consolation construction  conceit
bare your bones you are skin and mucous
but you can’t even ace as a Jell-O
the thin lines of black and white
that geometric outburst of stars that hub as a conscience
are you a collapsed galaxy?
seems so for you only duel in shrouds and mirrors
your reality is a diluted concentration of going down
I know the aeronautics of permanent flux. ▬