can’t assort these programs in folders; illusional diametric void got to place myself in arrows and theme encoded noise pretty as experimental; not sure sentimental hardcore loving must be detrimental read the ingredients; expiration; asphyxiation caught up in wires and silk my mouth is a hard drive injected software all the time ejaculation mythos andContinue reading “robot/tic/me”

can you wait for me…?

  these hands…break me…make up…lots of things…. fibing stones…overtuned bones…like insects of a pedigree shouting from out the elastic flesh, weak to the emotional distress burn out…eyes struck…tongue hot…cold face… stern as a mosquito on a mission and I hurt ceaselessly can you patch me up? can you wait for me? can you hold me?Continue reading “can you wait for me…?”

caught in it for a while…

it’s easy to wander into  a crime ow ow ow ouch! oh wait, is a crime always incurably displaced? vixen vertical, horizontal hornet yet perched of nine lives riddle me oh foul beautiful heart that is determined anatome of chambers why is life wrestling with me? Am I foul fairy or fairy blind proxy? .Continue reading “caught in it for a while…”


I have learned the hard way that people do abuse you. In many ways that have socially and culturally and even familially been taught to us.  When I think of people abandoning me I think of this mostly. Yes, I did faults and I had hurt them but not on a prolonged account. Nor didContinue reading “Abuses”

New Themes: Photolia, Flounder, Vision, Bexley, and Bromley

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This week we have a roundup of no less than five new themes now available on Happy holidays! Photolia Photolia by UpThemes is a responsive, single-column theme perfect for organizing photos, galleries, videos, and much more. The header area supports a widescreen custom header image and offers…

She, house

Italo Calvino said: The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts. Describe the ghosts that live in this house: Image credit: “love Don’t live here anymore…” – © 2009 Robb North – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic “So I have taken up a challenge to describe ghosts;well let me tellContinue reading “She, house”

rags to riches

  we are bored of poverty, handsome though we struggle hard, soft against the ashen and the grime — our crime becomes that we fashion the rags to riches rhyme! Oh please, a beggar on a street may or not as what he seems but most beggars are not symbologies waiting for their carcass scannedContinue reading “rags to riches”

your x and y tragedies —

if it were easy to carve a graph line out of tragedies than the act may have been accomplished before statistics are not always tragedies; they are petulant yet precocious numbers — they are children thus they have honesty and apply in their lines and even on a whole yet they are still children whoContinue reading “your x and y tragedies —”

mascara nights…

  sometimes the beauty in dusk and pitch dawn is projected in more than atmosphere; heavy set kisses defying heavy set curfews and the chance to be disobediently liberal only the aftermath may be no more kisses and direct sex is clumsy and concoctional and the guy getting happy from it is at times justContinue reading “mascara nights…”