Rape Culture in Japan and GACKT Fans

I am tired of people getting away with rape. This can rape of any kind; done by people of the same sex, opposite sex, marital or otherwise. What gets to me is that people has made rape “cool” — something that should be done. I do listen to GACKT’s music but I am no way a diehard fan but this culture of accusing and/or running away with crimes do to consumer polities is getting increasingly disturbing. It just doesn’t feel right and I think people everywhere should take a stand.

Living the Dream

Rape culture is an international issue. From India to the United States to Canada to Egypt, reports of brutal rape and murder of women have surfaced to show that in a so-called modern enlightened era women still face the threat of violent assault. Japan, albeit a country with relatively low crime rates, doesn’t escape this issue either.

Right now, there’s a minority of GACKT fans enraged over the recent news about GACKT’s alleged crime. According to “Oh No They Didn’t!” the story from the tabloid magazing FLASH claims:

“The victim is a 27 year old woman, who will be referred to as “Ms. A”. In September 2011, GACKT visited the cabaret club (kyabakura) where Ms. A was an employee. He stayed for about an hour and would leave around after 3 am. Since it was late, GACKT offered to bring Ms. A home. She declined, stating that…

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