In the night

under the sheets knowing my friends won’t call me today or maybe not tomorrow (or, if they do it’s rare) I just lose my, lose my, lose my, lose my-self start doodling out my thoughts in abstract mass and I think that’s when you ring my door bell softly hoping to come in, stay clean,Continue reading “In the night”

We teased each other

in good fun until I became a poison to your dream of longing you wanted forever, I said one day never and that pushed you into a film of stuck=up depressed I am sorry; I was being so selfish but I wished you had asked because the signs may have gone the other way butContinue reading “We teased each other”

Your heart was once your friend

You are saddened by an amber frost it froths and spins a lot in a dash and putting forth a night petal you wanted to see colours come out of it It, that it, that was once your pal in arms your comrade to sign off instant message and massage the bones you are confusedContinue reading “Your heart was once your friend”

Report Card Days

I dreaded report card days. I was one of the worst grades imaginable. I was mediocre to lowscore and it hurt deeply because my mother would come along and many a times it felt I was disappointing her. When I was younger my grades may not have been perfect A+ but it was palatable andContinue reading “Report Card Days”

the gripping

You are bound to me in little hyphens And the terrible odyssey of your clothes coming off I mean that fabric that encases you Warm mouthed kiss turned into a firefly gamble And the ether of recognition planted a serenade Caught I’m the dubious nature of vices you hurt yourself Made angst your poetry;masochism yourContinue reading “the gripping”

Elizabeth Gomez: My Life as an Engrish to English Translator. (As performed at Story Lab at Fillet of Solo Festival, 2014.01.18)

Originally posted on Drinkers with Writing Problems:
Under my covers, I laid in my dark room listening. I could hear her yelling, but being only 9 years old, I wasn’t sure what I could do. We’d been here before, my mother and I. She was struggling, screaming. I pulled the covers over me tighter, “Riiiiiiiisa!!!!…