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  I wonder what most people are doing now. I myself am a bit active in my blog but those who usually read me have not said anything about my recent work so I am truly wondering if they hated or disliked anything. I do not mind criticism as long as its fair. We mightContinue reading “Enter Comment here”

“I’d Rather Risk Rape Than Quit Partying” – Rape Culture and The Good Men Project

Originally posted on The Belle Jar:
I’m tired of blogging about rape culture. No, honestly, I am. It gets exhausting after a while. It wears you down, you know? There’s just so much awfulness, so many rape apologists, and it takes a lot of energy to wade through it, dissect it, call it out and then…

soul study

there is no “proper methodology” of studying the soul as in to know it like a slab of meat waiting to be devoured some people prefer labels as corsets to bras or boxers to briefs you can’t say which is really right because preference is usually a mountain in formation and makes Maslow’s pyramid lookContinue reading “soul study”

What I talked about earlier

  Well, I mentioned that I was fat. And about fetishism. No, I was not only focusing on fat fetishism; that would be aa very limited approach to fetishism which is ironic because even though fetishism minimizes the diversity of its persecution is not limited. I use persecution because most fetishes do persecute and cloyContinue reading “What I talked about earlier”


I am a newbie to life life hurts too much at times with its rambling engine and corsetted concordant gears I am not merely accompanying it in machine tones and terminologies but as I am a reluctant functionalist; I find my heart weary and my brain and lungs wearier and the homeostasis of my intellectualContinue reading “newbie”

To eat or not to eat —- where is the ?

I am fat. There. I said it. What else can I do? ——- traditionally, and technically; you will tell me to watch my calories and exercise but is that it? —- because, that would be traditionally and technically that would be kind of boring. Why do I binge eat? There is a solution to theContinue reading “To eat or not to eat —- where is the ?”