What I miss and etceteras…


Going through my old blog posts when I was a student made me feel somewhat happy. It was fun what the old me was thinking lol; here is the post:

Well, it was Sunday 16th 2010 – My summer semester was to begin.
I had spent the whole night talking to one of my best friends, Efadul Huq, due to lack of sleep – as I slept during the day – and had become quite nocturnal during my semester break.
Well, I got up and I think I breakfasted and was actually waiting for the computer guy to come so that my desktop internet would be reestablished – due to a storm my broadband lines were cut and he was supposed to come and fix them. He did not come. Alas I was going to have my other internet source in my laptop – though I kinda preferred to work in my desktop at home as I have reved it up with all my essentials in comparison with my laptop counterpart.
I took an unsteady nap thus getting a bit moody when my mom was playfully pushing me awake and she was like “Why are you so angry? I’m only kidding…” I apologized and I got ready. The first class was Biology 101 at 2pm. It was 1pm and if anyone knows Bangladesh, Dhaka then they know that traveling from a place called Dhanmondi to get to Mohakhali is a chore due to the plague, the epidemic called TRAFFIC JAM!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, I sorted out my things. Got in the car. My driver and I headed out. It was hot. That would be an understatement. It was humid. That too would be a child’s word, a mosquito pinch or let’s say a little prick of a statement. It was monstrously hot and humid somewhat comes close to a definition. Anyway, there we were sitting in the car and waiting around. Surprisingly, Thanks to Allah Almighty – a miracle of nature – I arrived at uni at 1:30pm. So after getting into the elevator at the 13th floor – surprisingly my bio teacher was there as well in the elevator – and I got down to my floor. I talked there with some of my friends. I also talked to a teacher basically on how and when shall I meet my thesis supervisor (actually my TA in past courses and a senior friend). She told me not to worry and that she will inform the Professor and that there will be a meeting with him. I was hoping I would meet him that day as I needed the “go” from him involving the thesis – as in if I am going the right way or how to structure and the books I am doing – so, it was time later on and I went to class.
Bio 101 is a basic course. The teacher was friendly. In fact I made arrangements during my advising so that I took my course with him as my friend suggested that he is a great teacher (this friend took a break from this semester). He went on telling on the basics “You might be a philosopher but in biology you are just a bunch of carbohydrates, fats and proteins…” that was kinda funny. He gave us the basics and class ended a bit earlier. I had decided – when no one else was speaking and he asked what we might do our first assignment papers on – to do it on mutation. I don’t own maybe Eugene Victor Tooms from The X-Files classic paranormal monster set was going around my head. So, I went upstairs to my department and found my supervisor didn’t arrive early so I left it to my TA friend to do what we though of before.
I then went to my Sociology 301 course called “Sociological Theory” which is a prerequisite to my Soc Minor and it was being taught by a sir I wanted to do courses with from last year but he went away to the States for a semester and I thought that he wasn’t coming back soon. Cool, my expectations were not disappointed Thanks to Allah Almighty. He came back and it felt like manna after a starvation period I had with a previous SOC course. No, the Sir was nice but his course schedule was bony and not edible. Anyways, Sir was great. He wanted us to participate in something he called “Institutionalized Adda.” which is non-directed discussion with any topic available. He asked if anyone wanted to volunteer and no one did. I opened my big mouth. I asked Sir if he saw movies? He said yes but not much and talked about how he recently saw Avatar with his son and then the movie conversation went to Pother Prachari a Bangladeshi classic movie – reflecting on so many issues (unfortunately, I haven’t seen it).
The discussions were good and fun. Sir is a free person and it is easy to talk to him on various issues. We started talking on detective fiction and how the West shows have a good dynamism in their detective shows as in CSI and then I talked about The X-Files and I remember my friend commenting on its creepiness but Sir saying how he loved Mulder and Scully as much as I did (though he forgot that Mulder was the guy and Scully’s name ^_^) I think that is extremely important in a teacher. Anyways class ended (I feel satisfied to say it was a great class). I went to my building back again hoping to see my supervisor. My TA regretted to tell me that he was in a rush and left. It was around 5pm and I wondered what I could do as I thought the sooner I talked to him the better. She advised me to go to my advisor and talk to her so that I could do something about the situation. I told my advisor. I said I had my Sup’s number but that it would be weird to call him out of the blue. She agreed and I asked her if she would call him on my part. She agreed to help but thought best to SMS him. I told her I was willing to go to Dhaka University where my Sup also teaches so that I can talk to him and that it is imperative that I do so. She was writing the SMS. I made comments on the horrible weather which she did not acknowledge though she did chat with me. I thanked her immensely. I saw that she had taped a printout on Surahs (prayers) concerning their roles. I had not known those facets of them. I confessed that I do not know much on religion at times. We actually recited some Surahs together – yeah she is religious – and I thanked her again for helping me. She took my number and told me she is going to call me as soon as possible when she hears from my supervisor.
Well, there I was. In the car. Going back home. Kind of irritated that I hadn’t talked to Sir. But hoping I would talk to him soon. I think I dozed off in the car a couple of times – oh yeah I did – I was really tired. I got home but not by the usual way as there were some political traffic on the road and police get extra bitchy then. I realized it though I feel asleep and asked my driver if we were going the right way and I thought I was misconceiving but I later realized I was right.
Getting home I saw the computer guy. He came late. But was efficient. He said he has to realign the wires so he would come back Monday Morning. I said ok. As I only have one class on Monday starting from 9:30 am and ending at 11:00am I told him to come around 11:30ish – he agreed and left.
Monday 17th – Had a big breakfast and was watching Space Chimps – it’s a cool animation movie though couldn’t finish watching it in MMnet1 or 2 as I had class. My SOC 370 class, Marriage and Family, was the same SOC Sir. We started talking about marriage. Then Sir asked why I was so quiet today (I was actually sitting at the back as I was kinda late). I asked Sir about the Kinsey Scale and how Kinsey defined that no one was a 100% heterosexual nor a 100% homosexual. Sir agreed that finding pure homosexuals and pure heterosexuals were hard to find – by the way my TA friend came into the class; she knows Sir well so she decided to come and sit in class – in fact, he enlightened on a gay student, whom he didn’t know who was gay but who told him so was now having a heterosexual relationship – obviously, the opposite runs true as well. The facet that interested him the most was that more men are homophobic than women. He said it is socially ingratiated. He recollected that as a youth he was more prone to it but as he grew wiser it was obviously clear to him that it was not right to be homophobic. He admitted that he knows Bangladesh has issues on this but homosexual do exist potentially in religious oriented countries due to sexual frustrations. Also, he admitted that humans are not inherently monogamous – be they male or female – and that they are also mostly bisexual by nature – able to be attracted by both the sexes.
Afterwards, when coming home I asked if the computer guy came. The security guard said he did not. After an hour later the computer guy comes upstairs and says that he has been working downstairs in the garage and grounds for quite some time. He redirected by cable from across the street to my place. He had tied a chord to a room and pulled the rope up using that via a window. Connected it. Internet in Desktop again. MASHALLAH Success. Afterwards, my brother’s in-laws – who we call Mom and Dad – came with my sister-in-law’s younger brother and sister. They have come from Australia and was going to stay for a while – my Bro and my Bhabi (sister-in-law) still there. Bhabu’s younger brother who is 13 years younger than me, bought me some stationaries as I like them. I excused myself as I couldn’t sleep the night previous and turned on the nocturnal binds. I slept from 2:45pm to 8:00 pm and as Allah Almighty would have it so did Efad as I seen him give me a Good Morning on the chatbox. Mom and Dad came for dinner. Bhabi’s younger sister who’s like 3 or 4 got hurt – she fell down and cut her chin. She was not allowing Mom to touch it but Mom cleared the cut and put vaseline on it. Mom got scared if it became a permanent scar as Bhabi had under her chin – she said when my Mom appeared, as I told her my Mom knows of these things, that when the young girl’s skin grows it might appear right on her chin. My Mom said she should bandaid and Nivea on it and that Nivea works wonders.
Tuesday 18th – Got to class a bit late. Nocturnal habits interfering. Saw some disturbing extremist religious videos with Efad the following night (Yeah I am a Night Owl and he is having no summer classes or stuffs to do yet). So went to class. HOT HUMID DISGUSTING. I had walk from the ground floor to the 9th as Elevator was full. The heat made me want to puke. Saw my good friend Samin on the stairs gave her a hug and said “Later Babe…” after telling her how DISGUSTING HOT IT WAS. Had class. It was a revision of the first. Sir said at the end that he usually doesn’t do this but was making an exception as it was the beginning of the semester. I didn’t have to write anything. Went to the 13th saw my Sup – I was supposed to meet him that day on 4:50 pm but he was here now and my advisor tried calling me on Sunday but I was dead asleep so I called her back on Monday morning and got the news – So I thought I should talk to him.
We sat down and he asked if I started anything yet. I told him ” No” then started off with my plans. He agreed with them and told him to write chapters first and the intro last. We agreed we would communicate via SMS, calls and Email to set up meeting dates or for other stuff. Then I went to SOC 301 Had a BLAST ONCE MORE 0 Sir said as a sociologist he also is fascinated at seeing how we converse – and then came home.
I fell asleep. Waking up at 11 My parents reminded me it was Bro’s Birthday. He read my card first, the one I secretly sent with Dad, and he cried a bit – he misses me. Mom and Dad had come and left. I had dinner with my Parents.Then stayed up the whole night again with Efad also doing stuff in the States (yeah so for him it is not Nocturnal) and talking to me after I had talked to my Dad.
In fact I have another SOC 370 class now – it’s Wednesday 19th – my class starts at 9:30am and it is 7:17am and I supposed to wake up at 8. Well 15 mins of nap is good.
When funny is I spent a good amount of 6th March, 2014 also watching the X Files and thinking about studies and maybe I couldn’t go to class (I was a bit sick) I realized the previous me in that post was doing more stuff at school because I was afraid that today was the course midterm and that I just forgot about it.  I haven’t changed that much.
Because of my job I had to cut down on my nocturnity but this week I practically came to work so I went back to lygophile status with that  and well, I know it will diminish again next week when I go back to work though I have handed in my resignation (that is for another post). Me and Efadul Huq are still friends but we lost a bit of closeness. We are no longer avid conversationalists. To be honest he is busier now and at times more glum and worried about the world and I think that he is becoming more hermit like now; though he always kinda was (I could be wrong). My friend Samin and I haven’t talked in 4 years — not for any fight it’s just we hadn’t crossed paths anymore and I think she changed her number and I don’t have her in my facebook. Technically, I think she was away for a while giving us  a gap we didn’t go dental on.
I don’t know if things have changed a lot but they have and have not changed.

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