our word is our weapon

“Some other ways the Zapatistas differently developed, if you may be wondering, are lowering the rate of alcoholism to zero, protecting the environment, getting rid of unemployment, begging, and prostitution during their one-year governance of the Southeastern mountains of Mexico, all through referendums and plebiscites. ” — if we try our misfortunes can be lessened.

Etches of Ink and Light

marcos-world-is-a-weaponIn Subcommandante Marcos’ words, I see a different Mexico, a subterranean Mexico that’s not part of the transnational treaties or the daily news, a Mexico where commandante Ramona “laughs when she does not know she is dying. And when she knows, she still laughs. Before she did not exist for anyone; now she exists, as a woman, as an indigenous woman, as a rebel woman. Now Ramona lives, a woman belonging to that race that must die in order to live…” 

With Marcos I begin to vibrate: “Everything for everyone, nothing for ourselves.” 

I share with him my vision of a tomorrow “made with the women, and above all, by them…” 

How am I to introduce the race of humans Marcos belongs to? Perhaps as this: “we, the ones without a face and name who call ourselves the “professionals of hope,” the not mortal of all, the “transgressors of injustice,”…

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He looks in…

in a cornucopia of chaos but also a stability 🙂

Etches of Ink and Light

He looks in and sees through himself a kaleidoscopic vista of others. He feels like a mirror so erased that it is glass, glass strung between seeing only a bubble floating in a vacuum and seeing the vacuum forming infinite bubbles. On this side of the glass an ‘I’ and on that side the non-‘I’ for which, therefore, there is ‘I’. To this he adds words between words, worlds within worlds. He is the shattering.

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Warren Farrell is an Ass, Man

OMG LOL The ending is just classic 😀

we hunted the mammoth

Yep, that's a butt on the cover. He put a butt on the cover. Men are oppressed by women's butts. Yep, that’s a butt on the cover. He put a butt on the cover. Men are oppressed by women’s butts.

You may remember the embarrassing spectacle a couple of months back when Warren Farrell asked the readers of A Voice for Men to help him pick out a cover picture for a new ebook version of The Myth of Male Power, the 21-year-old crackpot bestseller that more or less provided the, er, intellectual foundation for today’s Men’s Rights movement.

It wasn’t just embarrassing because AVFM is a noxious hate site that regularly calls women c*nts and whores and helps to organize informal campaigns of harassment directed at individual women. It was also embarrassing because all three of the pictures were sexualized images focusing on specific female body parts. You can guess which three, and you’d be right: tits, ass, and vagina (the latter tastefully covered in a merkin made…

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How to Treat Women to Get Laid

I think in truth we are in a didactic display show that Ted Mosby is better than Barny Stinton because his heart and ambitions are always in the right place in coordination with himself; he is not afraid to pursue things and the women that he loves. But Barney is actually still a kid in this respect because he someone thinks girls and women still has cooties thus his approach is almost like an action hero’s monologue before going into Defcon 4 operation. Barney is afraid of many things; he avoids many things even with his friends but then he falls in love but its difficult for him to understand how he can be with this person. In the end Barney gets laid all the time but he’s always feeling isolated and lonely but Ted seems pretty mentally and physically well-off despite his numerous heartbreaks.

Queer Guess Code


This meme is the perfect example of the marriage between media representations and real life. It’s a chicken and the egg problem: which came first? You might assume that real life came first. You think that media and movies only put what’s already happening in the spotlight. But is that really true?

Memes like this simplify and perpetuate characterizations of masculinity as models for real life behavior. By simplifying behavior and drawing conclusions based on subjective correlations, this meme communicates to men that there is a double standard that does not necessarily exist: men have to treat women well, but if they want to have sex, they have to treat women like shit. Is that really true? No, not really. It is a generalization of one person’s interpretation. But because this meme gives recognizable evidence, the correlation appears to be causation and it reinforces this false belief in our subconscious…

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Saturday Night Live takes on Men’s Rights Activists in Not-Actually Funny Skit

Yeah right men are not ranked on their attractiveness but their wealth really? Which one is less offensive? — If my manhood is only how much mint I have Vs. my casual references to plastic Ken how can I survive really :/

we hunted the mammoth

SNL's MRA and his soon-to-be-ex Venezuelan girlfriend SNL’s MRA and his soon-to-be-ex Venezuelan girlfriend

So this is … interesting. Last night, Saturday Night Live did a sketch, featuring guest host Lena Dunham, about Men’s Rights Activists. Alas, it wasn’t actually funny, or particularly on the mark, and it was kind of, sort of, maybe, a little bit racist (well, ok, a lot), but it did at least give a pretty good impression of what people in the real world think of the MRAs we know and loathe so well. I can’t embed it here, so go take a look at it on Hulu.

The folks in the Men’s Rights subreddit are up in arms about it, and have started not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but six threads on the subject. (There may be more; that’s all I noticed.) Well, it’s not often they get this…

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