Warren Farrell is an Ass, Man

OMG LOL The ending is just classic 😀

we hunted the mammoth

Yep, that's a butt on the cover. He put a butt on the cover. Men are oppressed by women's butts. Yep, that’s a butt on the cover. He put a butt on the cover. Men are oppressed by women’s butts.

You may remember the embarrassing spectacle a couple of months back when Warren Farrell asked the readers of A Voice for Men to help him pick out a cover picture for a new ebook version of The Myth of Male Power, the 21-year-old crackpot bestseller that more or less provided the, er, intellectual foundation for today’s Men’s Rights movement.

It wasn’t just embarrassing because AVFM is a noxious hate site that regularly calls women c*nts and whores and helps to organize informal campaigns of harassment directed at individual women. It was also embarrassing because all three of the pictures were sexualized images focusing on specific female body parts. You can guess which three, and you’d be right: tits, ass, and vagina (the latter tastefully covered in a merkin made…

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I'm quite crazy in the sense I have a wild imagination. I'm a heterodox thinker who wants to be a writer and a manga artist (though I can't draw better than starting infants. I still wanna try). I love writing, reading novels and watching anime. In fact many of my writings include fanfiction. I starting writing actually, or shall I say more properly, through fanfiction. I like things that may seem bizarre to some and have really outrageous ideas though I do long to escape my monotonous life many a times. I like being a university student but there is so much more I want to do. Well, that's me concentrated, shortened and simplified! Just an ordinary girl eying the fruit that makes one dream ^_^

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