the carousal that is chaotically on — choosing blog themes

I think people have noticed. I change my blog theme. A LOT. Dangerous close to an instability. It’s because I like themes like the retired Vigilance; where writing is a focus but the graphics are crisp and tactile even if one has the minimalist background and is monochromatic. However, I get a aesthetic dissatisfaction after a while because maybe the layout or something about the font or how the font is even presented in the text editor as I write it out makes me feel I can’t get the “weight” or “concreteness” of the font  that is being typed and how  a font needs to give me a mental and emotive satisfaction for me to use it. [Yes, it sounds really WTH but that’s the way I are]

Also now that WordPress produces more premium magazine formatted themes that regulates content as index summaries I get irked or if I use Meyers’ language, “glitter dust got chagrin” (I actually like the word chagrin XD) — because I prefer to manually paginate and regulate content in full width and right there design (yes, I like both subtlety and outward things; I just think that a full bodied text or pictorial layout feels more ripe than a summary palette. I know that I love the buffet approach as I love buffet but I rather like its concept more than it’s execution because I rather take the things on my plate and taste it but seeing the a large quantity of the dish). I think because the magazine summary front page layout is a new thing comparatively to the bulk layout so WordPress is focusing on that. However, I wish there were more free themes like Vigilance and even one like the premium Linen.

When I was in Blogger the custom content was so flexible and free to use that I really miss it a lot at times. In WordPress you can type only in one particular font for all posts; I think to keep up with the aesthetic consistency and visual distraction free methodology of the site it has limited this option. I didn’t use  much but yes it is more malleable than (for those who don’t understand the distinction .com is directly managed, assembled and regulated by the founding company Auttomatic but .org is the WordPress software like accessibility to use profile and dashboard and managing content given out for free download so that you can use them in other sites such as Blue Host). T=In Blogger one of my posts may have had a sans serif like Verdana on one post followed by a serif written post looking neat with Georgia. Also the fonts offered were more. I think for $30 dollars I should have more fonts to use than the ones given if Blogger gives out more for free. Though I really love WordPress these limitations really annoy me a lot.

censorship boaerd


sometimes my heart feels broken
by the avoidance of the cracks of perfection
but by my constant tutoring and coerced adhesion
to a smoothness that is deemed, fit and proper…

shrouded and glared by an apotheosis of tears
rather than an apotheosis of blood, sweat and spirituality
— my teachings from religion squandered by the petty
fashions of a society neither democratic in a minority
nor major in its humanistic promises — the orthodox pulpit
has been now occupied by vulpine commerce, manufactured agnosticism,
manufactured gnosticism, and manufactured awareness and manufactured
subconsciousness concentrated by an artificial orbit by a mental probe
which preoccupies you in Jamais vu and Prosopagnosia or Fregoli delusion
as easily as one matches oil with a match flicker; immolation and Sati by a consumer
demon that plagues the moors and rain forests of a dialogic individual.

the virtues of a society and its ethical bond make Shylock shirk
for even a fleshy pound cannot secure the torments of an eviscerated persona;
there were promises that abnegation is the liberty of self — no it was not religion or
spirit who taught me this  faux-cursive — it was social hegemonic anxiety in its dress of
piety that told me so. If you are away from the herd you are the wolf or the boy
who cries wolf — no one chastises the boy’s boredom or loneliness; though fibbing
is wrong is not ennui wronger? I am just an economic index, a social index, a census —
my body and mind and sex censored and clipped by a stool pigeon on some GDP rat race
to God knows where? I knew that life, here and hereafter, has to be full and green and ripe
—- but, what is this “ripeness”? When I am told to go after Frederic Jameson’s Postmodernism than communicate, pray and/or study am I not as vacant as the policy of freedom that tortures Free Speech and decorum without, as a person clearly stated,  an agency of my own, a privacy, propriety, property, proficiency and practices that are my own?

each ideology popular in this era feels dry as the carcass of consumerism — I saw that I was afraid to tell who I was ,for a Muslim is to exploited and hurt like muslin; kept only as an objectification but not any skill or talented principles of Soul and Thought and Life. It is hard to be coloured too when Whiteness and Fairness is the metaphor of absolute salvation, absolving, solutions, clarity and ablution; even if White is beautiful as the clouds the clouds
that are rainy are a bit coloured thus can we only say one is good and the other bad? Can a Manachaeistic or Cartesian lifestyle really only elaborate all that this world keeps in its belly and breath?  Binary matter only matters when it can be cyclically contextualized and understood deeply as not only oppositional  and complementary but rather in some cases two roads leading to the same river or tree for we incorporate a “Yggdrasil” as a metaphor for a branched leveling and connotative deduction of a world both suspended in space but also engaged with it.

the world being flat may have just been layman tongue for a ground waiting for plants to grow and seeds to be sown and plucked and discovered. In a world subtracting metaphysics and multiplying the material the greenhouse is flat is layman tongue.

I have said many things. I have done  a cathartic crying or weeping if you may say to avoid alliteration fallacy or fondness. I am a scribe to myself as each person is to themselves — so even if history erased the journals-memoirs the psycho-emotional historiography will eliminate its own manufactured extinction. ▬

I begin a PhD on Spinoza

I wish I could start a Phd too 😀

Dan Taylor


I am very happy to announce that I will be commencing a full-time PhD from January 2013 at Roehampton University, London, on the role of desire in Spinoza’s philosophy. This is a fully-funded studentship with all fees paid, at last giving the space and time to concentrate on my research ideas without having to work full-time or even part-time. Ah! I have had so many ideas and plans generating for a long time, and now I have an opportunity to do something with these. To read, to think, to travel, to write, without having to hold down some gruelling job for 50-60 odd hours a week… yes!

It’ll only be for three years, and there is only so much preparation that can be made for the unforeseen crises, challenges and changes of circumstance that befall each of us over time. But it feels like my lights are now beginning to…

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misconstrued weakness

There is so much honesty here that I understand it perfectly. Words are more horrible and deadly than nuclear bombs (though of course a bomb’s potency is not dismantled by something considered more deadly; a shark cannot tell a lion that he/she is not deadly). To be constantly under emotional terrorism is a reason why the beauty of the world is hurt and raped over and over.

teddylee's blog

Growing up i didn’t think i was tough, i didn’t know what tough even meant as kid.. if there was a chance i might have thought i was tough or strong it was shut down by always being told i was nothing but a little b**ch or a little girl or a p***y and that’s just to keep it mild, but anything you could say to make a little boy feel like a little girl was said…

i never thought i was tough or strong in all the fights i got into as a kid or an adult, maybe i won or maybe i didn’t, it didn’t matter, i just knew i could handle my own for the most part…

i looked for answers in all i was going through, i was told on a few occasions that ” i was incredibly strong for what i had been through ”…

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Crossing a 100 followers :D


When I started this blog at around 2007/08 I did so because I was experimenting with blog types. During that time the most popular blog services included My Space and Blogspot/Blogger and were considered to be efficient. Actually, this was true. WordPress was a minimal service provider at best. It had very limited themes that were simplistic in nature (though Vigilance, now a retired theme, is one of the best free themes I have ever used). So, naturally, I did not use it much. Blogger was the place that I first started blogging so I was using that. Yes, but it would be non-truthful to say the following: Blogger may have a log of blogs but its navigational tags and community were a bit limited even if there are a lot blogs on that platform even now. Its customization is free and very tactile and easy to use.

In 2009 and 2010 WordPress started really turning up the notch in its blogging capacity. It supplied themes, Freshly Pressed content and also a good navigational window to tags and categories. Basically, I think it started incorporating the My Space concepts more intensely with the blogging experience. It was a win. This time Blogger waned out and became quite unproductive. Its ugliness was its non-innovation, and laziness of such a capacity was showing. I got fed up with Blogger, here WordPress was bringing out themes and doing what it can to make certain improvements in turns of code, style, design and tactility of the popular blogosphere but Blogger was complacent with its former skills which was now not being able to adapt to the top-notch enhancements of the current interwebs. I am all for antique/retro things. However, lack of passion and interest shows so I finally decided to come fully into WordPress. Though now WordPress charges many good themes are very pricy and even Custom design is $30 so it can be a bit problematic at times.

I did kinda blog hop a bit too in a way. My old blog on WordPress was and it served greatly. So, when did I come here? Or, why did I come here? Simple. I migrated “desks” because I thought this “wood”  was a sturdier build for the moment. Elaboration: I liked the name “Iconography ♠ Incomplete” so I thought why not? It was a a creative whimsy but also something I think suited me for the time. Though I do also identify still with “Slices of ♠ Ink” — we can have one long name can’t we :)?

It was very frustrating for me to write at times. I won’t lie. I wanted feedback to my writing. Constructive criticisms and also I wanted to know if anyone enjoyed my writing. That was, and still is, very important to me. Writing is so essential to me it’s part of my blood and breath. I sometimes used to get mad because I thought no one was reading what I wrote. We do write to be understood, recognized and also to form a sense of acceptance. I am not going to boast and say my writing is the best as “best” is a reflected on personal contexts. However, there were times when the criticism was not about my grammar or readability per say but my personal style was always under fire. I got mad. I won’t lie. It may be immature but some pieces were experimentation and also an exercise in trying out things. From what we call storytelling, oral storytelling, fabulistic, inner narrative or interconnected narrations, Modernism and Postmodernism, fragmentation, stream of consciousness or surrealism and layered modulations. So, when I was trying out new things even if they are called common or esoteric or eccentric or popular I wanted to understand and stitch it or try it out. There were complaints and some even cost me some friendships — not my arrogance but rather I tried to be honest and tried to ascertain things. It’s ok. When I seriously tried to apologize and say that if I was wrong or did something really wrong can you forgive. Some haven’t still and may never even if I pursued them because they have probably made up their minds not to talk to me. What some people said infuriated me because they didn’t give my tone a chance. They wanted me to write in “normal” ways which was a bit difficult at times because at times ideas are different. Executions are different too. I am not  making excuses for myself sometimes I am very difficult but I do try to apologize to whatever stuff I do wrong. By wrong I do mean fight between friends but not always concerning writing. I guess we all are difficult at times (me and my Mom have such difficult squabbles two or three days because we sometimes communicate in different patterns but we do converge and that’s also how friendships are).

So, I first Thank Allah Almighty, because I went through a lot, emotionally, mentally and physically to write. No I wasn’t sequestered from education or society but because I am a bit weird I was a bit of  a loner and I had depressions and even now I suffer from dissatisfaction. I am quite Blessed by Allah Almighty to have all the food I need and other material basics. I don’t have a hungry plate. But, spiritually and personally I do get hungry at times to explore and do other stuff. I know this requires me to challenge myself more and be open to challenges. Explore and study all I can. My Faith in Allah Almighty helps me a lot because I have faced a lot of difficult people whose stubbornness to remain unforgiving and also misunderstand me have hurt me. Yes, I misunderstand too but when I realize that I am being a total jerk I try to understand like some people also do. There are others who have already categorised you by your height, weight, age, religion, skin colour, race, class, nationality and personality that is very hard to embrace a possibility of interacting besides a few hellos and silences in which contempt, a basic form of bullying, and snickering and criticism are always ways to avoid someone entirely. I have been guilty of this crime too in some cases but I did try to make it right or say lessen but emotional terrorism is too ingrained in many social structures and people associated very closely in it and within in.

Getting to 100+ subscribers is a very big treasure for me and I Thank Allah Almighty wholeheartedly because you people are there. You read and liked and I even was introduced to your splendid works and life and I really wanted that. It is a treasure that I do know you guys, some a lot and some a little, but I hope that changes and really it is so nice to know that there are such talented people out there who gave me time. Thank you all so very much — <hugs hard all the people who read, liked and subscribed> — it means so much to know that you are there and here with me in my journey. I hope I can make equal contributions to your journeys as well and learn and understand and each other more in the future.

I hope I can walk further and do more May Allah Bless…

a look at construction


sometimes, I think people think that I am pretender,
— pretentious, vacuous and pretty adjoined to the
denotations of “high culture” and abstracted, precluded
from the the “low culture” — cultural lows and highs are obviously
constructed as the plant life fertilization; what is “good” for “health” is
obviously manufactured sporadically — can we affirm and reaffirm the tautologies
of globalized  allopathetic medicine. No, this is not medicinal anarchy, for I am much content
taking antacids and other form of highly fibered antibiotics to keep my immunity up — yet,
what of the allergies associated with the stuff I know it is no panacea. Yet, we masses and we
non-enlightened elites (those to whom capitals are still moderated) are fed on a daily basis
that we need no confidence or prayer but rather a restrictive calculus of some generic taxonomies
of chemicals.

chemistry culture is an ideological assassination or rather a singularity of singleness is
clearly an assassination of personalization or any other modularities of thoughts
it presupposes and pre-discloses and pre-closes without much integration of combined
factors and only prefers labelistic factoids; an ingredient box cannot always substitute the actuality
of events ; can you measure and manage love only reading what people tell you? Not always.

Fat girls and fat boys do not exhibit chemistry; that is the populist belief (note: not the definite party political
rather the political in the parties of common contexts) — hard bodies are loved for they are industrially synonymous;
their aesthetics too catharsized by the building symmetries of false exactness and closed operations. A digital world
is ironically more closed than an analogically asserted one for we want muscle mass to be one decorum and lithe and sleek
packed with only one median barrier. That is why fat girls and boys are made to suppress, abnegate their chemistry of choice
for pudgy limbs are though arcane mathematics. It signifies the a illusive idyllic lost of pampered siestas in some golden age
— work and toil is a human excellence; requires fitness that is both body lean and fat is capable. No one can be scribbled out
of love or romance for they are not in the target group of chemistry. Too much drugs cause limbs to exhaust anyway.

chemistry nation describes love on the malleability of hormones; if mutability of bodily electro-lipids were so consistently
changing why is our love defined as unified speech? Are we casualities to an era of promoting the error of simplification?
chemicals are important but so are adhesives, catalysts, personificants and detoxificants and of course constructs of a culture
at large. Propaganda works as a beaker or a flask always under the bunson burner of ideological extortions. Which profit is more
the profit of loss or gain? That simplification is what makes the Stock Markets fuel. A chemistry of paper and gems laid out
on a porcelain Midas who begs for the alms of exoneration. Yet as a garments worker who to get means, means an overtime
Midas is prostituted for his so-called blessed hands.

I wonder if I am an endorser or advertiser or like poor Emily and Socrates, poor Nushu women who hid their wealth and poor Rokeya
and Hajrat Ayesha called to always explain the basics of cultural rabies and dormancy of living?

there is no full stop to this only…▬

Writing Communities Connect Bloggers Across

Some writer resources from wordpress; press if you missed 🙂

The Blog

We blog because we have something we want to express and we hope it will resonate with someone else. Blogging enables us to build powerful connections with people we might have never met otherwise.

There are lots of blogging communities and challenges aimed at fostering those relationships and inspiring more blogging. These three, all writing-focused, are building global networks of blogger-writers — maybe you’ll find a home in one!

Today’s Author

The mission of Today’s Author couldn’t be simpler, or more powerful: to foster a community of creative writers through a healthy and supportive environment.

write now

Today’s Author is an open, flexible community of writers focused on helping each other kick-start their pens (or keyboards). Their prompts work for a variety of bloggers, while their “Writers’ Circle” posts explore everything from what to do when inspiration dries up to strategies for editing your own work to how we incorporate our traditions and…

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12 Things You Should Never, Ever Say to a School Counselor

The School Counselor Kind

I became inspired to write this post after reading an article from Upworthy entitled, “12 Things You Should Never, Ever Say to Teachers.” As an elementary school counselor, I’ve heard some whacky things from people who don’t really understand what my job is. Some are infuriating, some are laughable, and some are just plain weird. Anyway, here’s my list. I apologize ahead of time for the “snarkiness” in some of my responses. It’s not meant to offend anyone; it’s meant to educate and vent a little, in a humorous way. I hope some of you can relate! 🙂

snarky comments

1. “You’re that mushy feelings lady, right?”

Wrong. There may be some school counselors who are mushy, but I’m not one of them. Yes, I teach about feelings, a lot. This doesn’t make me mushy. This makes me a teacher of social-emotional skills that are crucial for your child’s/student’s development…

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