Fragmentory 1

  She once kissed the sun. It was tailored under window glass. Sliced into spots. For her pleasure. Then it was gone. As easily it had risen. Storm wafted in gray smoothness and polished the gold. No, she was not disappointed. Hungering for both storms and sun is like going against the Manicheanistic prospects ofContinue reading “Fragmentory 1”

romeo and romance like really unpardonably boring; riffed and overused like a salami on toast and a tea party on steroids — Shakespearean is not real as in illusory Romeo is but a pawn in the wrath of apples and the apples of wrath; he is a hyphen not a destination, not a fragment, but aContinue reading “romeo and romance”


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Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian languages The toxic syllables, precarious signs, irresolute, which snatch from the vapors of the hidden ideas, shadows of the possible betrayals… You afraid and, the smile, painfully stretched, is just a mask try to dodge you, with formal pleasantries and sneak you between…

Microsoft Paying Bloggers To Write About Internet Explorer

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Why in the world is Microsoft (through an agency) trying pay bloggers to write about Internet Explorer? Do people still do this? And given my position on paid posts, why would they think I’d be willing to participate? This is just layers of stupid. Here’s the link in the request below.…

emotional hijincks

you tell me I stink with a beautiful tongue your caramel saliva drips like a wasted candy on some pavement of social disorder; and you tell me I am picturesque shame; colour coded in your coordinated flux of things that you’ll never do like writing on a script on how you felt and how youContinue reading “emotional hijincks”

Osho, I Love You No More. | Gaysi

Osho, I Love You No More. | Gaysi. I did not read Osho before. I know very less of the guy. But yeah he is not really a guy who likes homosexuality. But I understand his reasons. The guy does not hate homosexuals but neither is he really a proponent of it which I understandContinue reading “Osho, I Love You No More. | Gaysi”