when you have the ability to translate and write your poems in 3 different languages. So, that’s amazing 😀 and shows talent

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian languages

The toxic syllables, precarious signs, irresolute,
which snatch from the vapors of the hidden ideas, shadows of the possible betrayals…
You afraid and, the smile, painfully stretched, is just a mask
try to dodge you, with formal pleasantries and sneak you between the grimaces of
important and serious concerns…
Nobody forces you to lie or to tell the truth, shut up implosive
Your thoughts are playing cards never hard of to bluff


Sillabe tossiche, segni precari, indecisi
che strappano dai vapori delle idee nascoste le ombre dei possibili tradimenti
Hai paura e, il sorriso, dolorosamente allungato, è solo una maschera
Tenti di schivare, con convenevoli formali e stai sgattaiolando tra le smorfie di
importante e serie preoccupazioni
Nessuno ti costringe a mentire o dire la verità, puoi tacere implosivo
I tuoi pensieri sono carte da gioco mai difficile di bleffare


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Microsoft Paying Bloggers To Write About Internet Explorer

Despo marketing hahaha


Why in the world is Microsoft (through an agency) trying pay bloggers to write about Internet Explorer? Do people still do this? And given my position on paid posts, why would they think I’d be willing to participate?

This is just layers of stupid.

Here’s the link in the request below. Here’s the hashtag (#IEbloggers) that they’re requesting people use, so I’m guessing anyone using that is getting paid.


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emotional hijincks

you tell me I stink with a beautiful tongue
your caramel saliva drips like a wasted candy
on some pavement of social disorder;

and you tell me I am picturesque shame;
colour coded in your coordinated flux of things that you’ll never do
like writing on a script on how you felt and how you feel
and to tell me to join the decipherable madness
of learning mute by viper, rattle -snake tongue
that shakes and shudders in an orgasmic fathom
taped to castration; sensor shun and censorship
are sometimes dining on the same plates

and you say I am a beetle and a mouse meant to be eaten
by an enormous snake known as public decency
I do not espouse freedom that entails minimization
nor do I understand how censoring my moods
erects a value system and says that publicity
is the hidden brood of licentiousness;
am I a fabulist wrought iron clad in bikinis and microtinis
and boxers and briefs and shame to me!
For what reason may I profess can you confess to shame me?

there is a fake piety that appears as much not needed piety
prosaic and dry tongued in its passionate speech
and poetic in its incineration that make Farenheit and Celsius go cheek to cheek
to get checked for the STDs that personal hatred triggers

then you want grass gutted lawns
and all lakeside traveling and the concrete world
has not taught you a definition of unfairness?
have your glass slipper not cracked while the stoning of you windows
your ball and your patience all came to a thunderous appaluse
how your defeat was given an orgy and your victories bedridden
and  you say beware the laughing and the laughs; has living away
from the wiry, weary edges of revelations made you any less comical?
your life a laugh they translated and your breadth a joke they thought
and you are worried about laughs; laughs are a pllague of death if
made to be as comical as ethics of war where a queen sizzles under
the brevity of drones. Don’t come with a kiss that enables a fist
make a fist and smash your Wall and build a ladder to meet me

I wanted to meet you. I badly did. At some points. As slivers of yellow
as the storm day proceeds but this sliver does not light you
I love the storm too but you decidedly needle-injected the vortex
the nullified eye of the storm. Happily pleasant as the deluge drowns you.

I was not meant to shame you, You have simply shamed yourself.▬