Fuck “Sexy”

I don’t care what people think about women’s clothing. I don’t like revealing clothes either much. But to use clothing as “advertisement” as a female centric thing is obviously sexist and patriarchal. Men hardly are encouraged to exercise modesty in clothes, speech or acts. A gentlemen is a confabulated creature who is supposed to exist in suits and not and that’s fine. A gentlemen definition can change but a “slut” is a constant. A “slut” is a woman who is “easy going”, “loud” or even “confident”. Hell, no matter what a woman wears sexist moods define how she will be treated. For example if Kim Kardashian wore nothing there is still a chance guys are all gonna call her a lady (except maybe a few) but if for example the girl in your coffee shop did that she would hailed a “slut” and then sexually abused. Many men walk around naked, streak, urinate in public with their penises out like some brainaddled asses and they are still to be respected but if a women wears a short skirt she is slut how come? I am not encouraging any revealing clothing but neither am I debasing a person wearing it. Why should I? Men find it hard to fathom women who dress “slutty” because many a times their perceptions about these “sluts” are wrong. Either they get rejected to sleep with. Or worst the woman turns out to be a better human being than them. But they have made a hegemony and a dichotomy on bodies especially women’s bodies and that hurts that their knowledge turns out to be wastebasket theories.

The Belle Jar

Sometimes I feel like I want to ban the word sexy. Like, take that shit out of the dictionary and impose a fine whenever someone uses it.

Which is pretty funny because I’m super sex-positive and I definitely want people to feel good about their bodies and secure in their sexuality, however it manifests itself.

But man am I ever fucking tired of how we use that word to shame girls and sell them on a bunch of gross patriarchal ideas about how they should be.

Take this picture, which was tweeted/posted by Floyd Mayweather and has been making the rounds over the past few days:


Like, first of all, this is a dude who has been charged with two counts of domestic violence. Why would anybody think that what he has to say about women is even a little bit valid? I am not really down with anyone…

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