should violence always respond?


the abyss is a hierarchy that wears and wars around a Star cloth
yet has no basis with it for a Star’s body is a Lily transfused under
the emerging mattress of peace. What is a human response?
Is the liver only cantering for anger and professes that geographical
genocidal tactics are the only way to secure things? Is the criminal
fear or is fear the ultimate epitome for a crime? What is that you fear?

your mouth ascertains a speech
I have my own; yet both our mouths
move when we speak — our tones
intonate and our blood flows
anything pricked bleeds blackened red
a protest from the body. If I prick you now
will you not bleed? Will you not suffer a pain?
Are lives only lived for bleeding? How can you
only select lives for living? Is life selective? What Darwinian
corruption are you meting with this logic? Once you did not
survive; your palms bled easily and you had scurvy in your eyes
and your whole body was raped by the elements quietly wild.
Should you not remember this austerity for the riches of communication in

I bled. You bled. Our rivers of blood makes this damaging flood
and we have no respite as we have easily been devoured by our need
to think humanity as non-humanity.

Brother. Sister. We shared the same Adam. We share the same Eve
Let our bellies remember this joining chord and let us live together
For all our bodies and souls are shaped the same. Do small variations
make one pond so different from another? Are not seas and oceans
with their salt and foam also once and returning to droplets of streams?
Let us join hands. For we are all human.

~~~~ Please Let Israel stop its attacks on Gaza and let Peace come between the people of Israel and the people of Palestine. Please remember we are all people. May Our God Have Mercy On all of us and make this all stop. 


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