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some architectures…


as architects of sounds and silence, we ourselves have persisted in the architecture
of our own limitations — our own virtuoso lies in virtualness as we trample and cramp
into thin bellied equators of reason and doubt; where each law of rule turns into
law of exclusion and ‘defense’ and it brings out that some lives are stamped
as ‘cheap’ and ‘herded’ into neat barcoded shelves where the products of flimsy
consumerism are eating away at the intellects and sturdiness of the rooted helms
in which humanity rests. Where each dining on 3D binoculars make us lose our sense
of even 1D optical vision and 2D samples of acceptance and rejection. Patriotism
became the parasite to humanity. It wore it uggs and its sitars and its pretty flags
and danced and danced in the vertigo of its own narcissism using our flesh as the
ballroom its shiny skeletal heels could dig and pince and pinch and we let it
consummate our ignorance with our avarice hoping that bleakest hope in a dead
house of no reincarnation or incarnation solemn that we get wasted into a full
narcotic shower and perform narcolepsy into us. We euthanised our souls, wore meaty
suits with planned diets though our vessels hungered neither feeling any true corporeal
satiation or spiritual enlightenment. Yet we democratically vote for monarchies who run
as banks and institutions and we think it’s okay; we pat our backs as we shove crumbling
bricks down our throats and stay happily muted through we suffer all the diseases of filth,
abnegation, persecution and robust indifference.  If I became a withered flower too early
maybe the  soil, a base, a foundation was already ruined and butchered in a scrap that
denatured me.▬

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