10 Most Commonly Misinterpreted Terms Describing Israel-Gaza Conflict

UPDATE 15th August, 2014: Actually, I erased the thing I wrote before here. I am not sure where List of X stands. Apparently, he mentioned that Israeli people are kind enough to say that you can evacuate your house before they bomb it to smithereens, also that they provide medical support for the Palestinians and that they declare the ceasefires to stop Hamas. I thought his post was satirical  in its way of describing things and to an extent it was but I do not really understand which point he was trying to get across. I explained that bombing a place with “terrorist:” activity is okay if that place is deserted. Bombing a house is still bombing a family’s entire life worth of savings and things that make them living there crucial. Bombing that place also allows you to get rid of the so-called enemy’s territory. Then after initiating that you supposedly want ceasefires and give medical aid. That’s like punching someone in the face for no reason then squeezing their cheeks and calling them cute :/  It should be also noted that Israel is not Judaism incarnate or what-not. Many Jewish people do not support Israel; many Christian people may not support Britain or even Rome and even Hindu people may not like Burma, Sri Lanka or support India and many Muslims do not support Saudi Arabia. Religions are not merely equated with geographical locations. You may have Holy places but a country as a nation is not deemed by a religion alone at least not in today’s political climate. I am unsure if List of X was trolling or merely making fun of people who had taken a pro-Palestinian stance in this situation. I spoke clearly that I was reticent to use the word “conflict” because that suggests an equality the Palestinians do not have and conflicts happen with people with more or less equal arms and manpower and face to face combat. Many commentators in his site was saying how Hamas has sworn to kill all Jews in Israel and are firing rockets intermittently. I am like the archaic equipment of Hamas don’t hurt the civilians at all in Israel. Your illegal bombs that were being used by Israel was killing more Palestinian civilians. After doing those can one actually say oh we were just fighting terrorists so no matter what we do it’s okay. They should be ashamed of themselves. None of those people in the site remembered the bloody holocaust of Ghaza in 2009 nor did they read the tweets of the Israeli citizens recently who took selfies and felt happiness in killing of the “Arabs.” This word “Arab” itself was once by one commentator in his site as though all Arabs are all Middle Eastern people with no separate identities.

All I can say is that I do not think List of X feels any compassion or troubles with the history of this situation. The guy just wrote what he did and I was wrong to assume he was showing empathy or sympathy for the Palestinian people because it didn’t seem so.

List of X

Map of Israel, Gaza, and West Bank. This whole area is so small and so disproportionately debated, that if you print out every article and story on the conflict, you could cover the whole area with about 100 feet high layer of paper. (Image source: weeklyintercept.blogspot.com) Map of Israel, Gaza, and West Bank. This whole area is so small and so disproportionately debated, that if you print out every article, story, and comment related to the conflict, you could cover the whole area with about 100 feet high layer of paper. So what’s one more?
(Image source: weeklyintercept.blogspot.com)

The latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Gaza, now raging for several weeks, has gripped the world’s attention. And as it is often the case in any high-profile conflict, there is a lot of confusion and misinformation whirling around, starting with the terminology that is commonly used in various discussions of the current clash in Gaza, and Israeli-Palestinian conflict in general. Unfortunately, a lot of terms used to describe the conflict are somewhat misunderstood, and don’t necessarily mean what we think they mean. Here are 10 of these terms with their correct definitions.

1) “Hamas”: an imaginary organization which, according to Israeli claims, rules Gaza and allegedly shoots crude…

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