Short Story Magic Tricks By Chronology

curbing, curbing, curbed, curbing but not cubed

this rash is fixated on my bottom; not an erotic sentiment yet it is sentient
to all the boils that festered and raked in some acute understanding of betrayal—
shall I laugh at your consternation? shall I plead be weary of my errors? shall I love
you? — no, I think for a moment I cannot love so freely and with so much happiness
of some resolute lethargy as before. My annoyance is particularly aimed at your abuse.
You manhandled more than any patriarchy shall for your matriarchy recedes and brandishes
slaps and punches at any criticism; you wished to be a bejeweled emperor and force me
to be ever groveling and kneeling audience even if my bones fails and my knees scald and scarp
you want to be idolised and galvanised as a perfect human as God could ever make — I spit on
your throne and God spits at it too and you, you narcissistic coop pigeon of shameful torment! — you have
no will and no wisp to torture the oppressor that is why my innocence is to be flayed and gutted and
displayed not as a uncensored lamb but as a roasted, half-fucked pig whose gelatin fat drips
and drips into a pork parody. I do not know why you flare and abuse me but I know that I do not
take this so kindly and in kind you must have yourself roasted for abuse is the action that is always
a pig in a shit pile. ▬

gut pinching

you have presented me your goblets of arson
and like tethered lambs slaughtered me in a sadist’s finesse
not for meat to eat but a meat to crave
and your craving can only end if you tame the bleeding
of your own gut that is hampered by a string of thorned roses
and thorned caprices that interfere with your gullet and you
spew so inadequately and indecently that I felt a layman
accomplished more by a certain disciplined famished pinch

you were a glutton to nothing but yourself
and in your excesses you made me weep
some acid rain that deprecated and demarcated by own statues.▬

Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

Today’s twist: You’ll commit to a writing practice. The frequency and the amount of time you choose to spend today — and moving forward — are up to you, but we recommend a minimum of fifteen uninterrupted minutes per day.

Well, that twist is not generic. I think only time can reveal if I can do it. Well, I have too many songs that I love and cherish and so that is why I have to pick three that I think matter at the moment.

First I will chose Inner Universe by Origa and Shanti Snyder — this song is kinda like my theme song because it is beautiful and poignant, and whenever I listen to it it reminds me of the will of my own spirit that dedication and emotional evolutions can solve things. The song to me is a synchronicity of many ups and down, tempos and all. I really love listening to it. It can be listened to at quiet periods of life but also really hard pressed times too.

Second, I will chose King’s Cross by Pet Shop Boys — the music is tantalizing haunting, but as usual this song has a great social commentary. When I listened to it I feel like a traveler of interconnected events and places. That is a great feeling to have.

Third, I will chose a Bangla classic, Amar Porano Jaha chai (what my heart/being wants) by Rabindranath Thakur or Tagore — it is a love song but also a partly unselfish love song about a person wanting the other but at the same time wanting that her or his love gets all that they want and wish, they are happy and fulfilled. That love is a journey of growth of both of them and that is why it is timeless and beautiful.

I really do Thank Allah Almighty for introducing me to such type of songs. I have an eclectic sort of ear and I loved things like this all the time 😀

If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

If you haven’t known I have joined “writing 101” I  think I would also love to join blogging 101 too. But at the moment I am doing this. Getting inspired from nicholeq I decided to also write my entry on a memoir though obviously it is not really as heartwarming as hers.

I was pondering when I saw the question that maybe if there was a space to zoom into, maybe, an absolute zero in some outer space nebula I might choose that. I am strange as that. This may evoke an analysis, probably truly, that I am unsatisfied with the world. I am not really, at times I am, it’s just I feel that as time exists in fragments in space probably I could as light bends and time bends have a weird little intraconnected universe all to myself if I had done something of the sort.

Yet as I read the post twist I was wondering that presumably I won’t be able to describe such a place which is an inkling of mortality and a personally constructed, as in mental, nirvana.

Today’s twist: organize your post around the description of a setting.

So, I decided to vividly go back into a time when I was I think six or seven years old. I had taken a nap in a semi-dark room. The room was partly lit due to small square windows on top of the room. The larger window was curtained as not to interrupt a child’s nap. I was woken by my mother to eat. My eyes blurry I went into the dining room. The windows, large and unclosed, were sparkling with life. There outside Allah Almighty had ordained the sun to be warm and gold and it engulfed my little soul. The smell was warm. The food was inviting. The trees was bathed in warm and their green was on fire but not burning or hurt. They were the earthly angels and I was their companion. I think the feeling made me feel I reached a slice of paradise and made me love nature and the world so obviously I would love to go back to that blessed blaze and the clear blueness of sky and all that. The world felt a quiet yet alive and buzzing, paradoxical but true, haven and we were allowed to be part of it. No one was excluded. Even if we were all asymmetrical in sizes our symmetry completed and complimented life. My young soul was filled with that joy, unhampered, unperverse, of knowing love and life can so easily intermix and synchronize and be one, without artificiality, just organic and a wholeness that is a satiation to all laws implemented on the universe…Allah knows that is my space, my moment…my fossilized amber…a mirth in a moment that is both kaleidoscope and a harvest for my heart…

I walk in a city I walked before…

A beautiful writing of sexual and gendered resistance 🙂

Etches of Ink and Light

I walk in a city I walked before… I can see it as it has been before I was, this city which is a huddling-together of houses, hearths, interiors of warmth, shelter from the inhospitality of all sites-not-home.

In these houses, for centuries, in many voices, with many faces, under one form of oppression or another, she toiled to build and hold the city from the inside. As the keeper of a key she was never given, she kindled, re-kindled, and kept burning the fire that lights up the perimeters of an interior which is home, this interior in reference to which the exteriority of the city, of civilisation, of man being man in a world of men could unfold at all.

This home is where men always arrived or departed from, felt safe, was born and fed and raised, hid in the time of war and disaster, arose in love…

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Some Basic Points about Obama’s War against ISIS

I wish world powers actually took into consideration that their enemies or whoever they pin as enemies are just human as them and made of flesh and blood and anyone can do things that both parties are doing.

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NYTSince Obama’s latest speech on the upcoming US war against ISIS there has been a flood of commentary, some of it very cogent and some of it alarmist in the extreme. Based on reports from experienced investigative journalists and scholars, the US war against ISIS clearly runs the risk of inflaming the violence in the Middle East further and heightening the threat of terrorism. In order to grasp these realities an honest appraisal of the origins and development of this conflict must be made, admittedly an ambitious task in a media culture drowning in misinformation and deceptive insinuation. Below are just a few basic points that are worth bearing in mind as the Obama administration escalates this assault.

  1. The US is not bombing Iraq to “fix” anything but to sustain US regional hegemony.

A common criticism of the US attempt to bomb ISIS is that it will not “fix” the…

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