hoarding boredom

walked on crosshairs of boredom for too long my ennui, my identity lapsed into one like some landslide caricatured into thin lines of a fleshy personality; yet I smile in tides now I know why prisons wore straight lines.▬

Gonna Give or Wait

something’s gotta give your turn to tune and play a favour something’s gonna waste with this excess of chemical lust something will foam and melt like blood and lava tastes like candy raw in the ocean’s tractability will you give me seeds to flower, to breathe into a maze of ripen tongues and solidified kissesContinue reading “Gonna Give or Wait”

betrayal and more

singularly, I penetrate my own slavic mouth with its persian tongue and robust integers while you, with your saliva immune to blood and haste tell me I was such a treat; spilling me to a goblet half-full attempting to make me half-empty you’ll never succeed…▬

Something about me

I attempt to be as honest as I can be. I know this won’t sit well with many people. I know people may think something rude about me. For example, I honestly write about falling out with friends who may be 10 years my junior and many people may be wondering why make such aContinue reading “Something about me”

slices of neuropathy

palms sweaty; elsewhere and nowhere, but present like dashboard going full frontal; I am part in a fantasy recollecting dreams and stories as I browse the now crowded, the area is crowded, I am lost — but inside, inside my head, I am always found, a telemetry of insides labyrinths and poetry…of disjointed fanfictions, ofContinue reading “slices of neuropathy”