Saying it seems trivial nowadays. To me, it’s not. I notice that people knotice that who they are talking too — but they don’t call you your name. In a chat box people hardly use your name. You become predicate instead of subject. You become a “you” and “me” instead of a Maliha, Jasmine, Nathan or Akbar or Mark — you are like an unmarked, dogeared book that they are reading or even you yourself are reading them like that.

It’s annoying.

Damn straight up, fucking up as hell annoying.

We are not digital registers and signals. We are people. We should use other people’s names. Why don’t we?

What is so appealing in this machinery of a social interaction that alleviating or eradicating the usage of names means what? A conversational booty call?

Is this the way people unsconsiously attempt to make or break boundaries? Shakespeare was wrong. The Rose was named Juliet thaty is why Romeo went after her. If it was Rosaline then he would not see that convent nun smell just as sweet.

Names matter. Saying one’s name matters.

It actually offers the most basic form of intimacy.

And we are making ourselves disciplined to evade it…

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