slices of neuropathy

palms sweaty; elsewhere and nowhere, but present
like dashboard going full frontal; I am part in a fantasy
recollecting dreams and stories as I browse the now
crowded, the area is crowded, I am lost — but inside,
inside my head, I am always found, a telemetry of insides
labyrinths and poetry…of disjointed fanfictions, of graphical
video games thronging, picking throngs in my head,
a knight I am, or a maze runner, or a gunner, or something
liked and loved as extraordinaire, non-self-conscious, high on
adrenalin and confidence — a sceptered breath, or is it just
cell-divide, pseudo-mitosis, just a catch in all moment
of moves to supplant my feeling inadequate…

— and I had come for a job interview.▬

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