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Source: http://cms.cb.asmsrv.co/cnvyr/cpprimary/590x393/2013-10-18_Stiehl-diy-christmas-gift-tags-button-ornaments%28main%29.jpg Source: http://cms.cb.asmsrv.co/cnvyr/cpprimary/590×393/2013-10-18_Stiehl-diy-christmas-gift-tags-button-ornaments%28main%29.jpg

The single most reason why all my previous blogs, including the present in its initial incarnation, failed were because I did not know what tagging was. When you start a blog, it is unlikely you will know what will be your focal point in terms of content, or how you will structure that content. Most of us attempt to do life blogs anyway, even if their focus may be on food, relationships or Anthropology. But, whatever wibbly-wobbly blogs you begin with, ( and they are likely to be awkward, as you don’t know yet what you’re going to do ), proper tagging, or even improper tagging, will at least get your blog seen. Tagging’s relationship with writing a blog is what an audience is to a stand-up comedian. You may be brilliant or extremely dull on your side, but you will never know unless someone is on the…

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