Best Worst Year: Episode 83 (Or, Heal)

Originally posted on Sundog Blog:
By Jim Warner You read a poor Tagalog translation of handwritten prayers on your mother’s dresser. Your cousin has mistaken aswang for multo. Even you–whose native tongue died in his mouth years ago–knows the difference. Aswang is an evil spirit. A Filipino vampire. A dog. Something wicked. Your cousin has…

an overabundance of scarcities

Sometimes, I do not wish to be  so energetic it’s a flavour I do not think can  understandably  keep up with the  wide rooms  of the  world that prefer their camphor and marijuana and cannabis — the world that prefers its weight of gold to be a perfect pitch of somnambulism. I am a rockety,Continue reading “an overabundance of scarcities”