that which evolutionary epistemology excludes

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Why is it that biology books do not devote chapters to the knowledge about animals circus trainers gather and produce? I raise this in lieu of Diana Cooper’s book Night after Night, where she describes how trainers develop deep and intricate intimate relations with something that is wholly…

A Cup of Tea

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Mrs Doyle, a woman after my own heart, from the TV series Father Ted A cup of tea “You really got a hold on me” Earthen, china or steel bullhorned Taurus You bring warmth and magic all for us. I’m no poet but, if I could only describe The power…

Abbu, my Father, passing away.▬

Yes.  That is the reality I am made to  accept.  Yes. The reality is my father passed away. Abbu/Abba — the words in my language for “Father” — has passed away on the 24th  of February, 2015. Then a  friend in way of conversation had brought up something I forgot; I finished my education, gaveContinue reading “Abbu, my Father, passing away.▬”